3 Tips for Picking a Paint Colour for an Open Concept Home

Many years ago, a home was divided into rooms that served a specific purpose, such as sitting rooms, dining rooms, and kitchen. This made colour selection significantly easier as you could stick to a theme that was specific to one room.

Today, most houses feature an open concept layout where the kitchen is no longer it’s own space specifically for cooking, but a part of the living area, and dining rooms are usually in the mix too.

Open concept homes are highly sought after but make picking a new interior paint colour a little bit trickier. Here are some tips to keep in mind when picking a paint colour for your open concept home.

Stick with a light neutral

One safe option when choosing a paint colour is to select a light neutral colour. Not only are they a stylish paint choice, but they provide a great backdrop for other colours included int your home’s decor such as cabinets and appliances. Choosing a light neutral colours allows your furniture, artwork and features to tell the tale.

Add an Accent Wall (or two)

Choosing a neutral colour doesn’t mean you can’t have any colour in your home. A popular trend is adding an accent wall on a focal point in the room such as a fireplace or where your TV hangs on the wall. These walls make a great choice for an accent wall in a coordinating colour to accompany the light neutral colour

Utilize a Monochromatic Colour Scheme

A monochromatic colour scheme allows you to connect each room with a different colour but have it all flow seamlessly together. To do this, start by finding a colour you like, and have your paint supplier modify the colour slightly by changing the tone or shade of the paint itself

Ask a Professional for Ideas and Inspiration

Painting professionals have years of experience in the industry and are able to best help you with your open concept painting project. During your colour consultation, your painting contractor can help you select colours that will work well with one another and provide you with the exact tone you’re looking to set in your home.



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