4 Benefits of Using Primer

When it comes to residential interior painting, don’t ignore the primer. Primer is a layer of lightly coloured paint that goes over the surface before you apply the paint colour you have planned for your home. It sounds like you’re painting the surface twice, but using a high quality residential interior painting primer actually has many important advantages, especially if you want a long-lasting finish.

Better Paint Adhesion

Adhesion refers to how well your paint sticks to the surface you’re painting. Different surfaces can have an impact on how well paint sticks to, dries and lasts over the years without peeling. Primer is designed to help paint adhere significantly better than if you were to paint your interior walls without primer. That means that your final paint layers are less likely to peel over time or cure improperly.

There are many different types of residential interior primer available on the market, based on what paint you’re going to be using, the surface, and how likely the surface is to be touched. Be sure to do some research before you purchase primer.

Painting over Dark Colours

If you’re planning on painting your home’s interior that has existing dark colours, you may find that the colour underneath continues to show through, even after a couple coats of new paint. Primer is made to help address this problem by applying a white layer that hides the dark colour more effectively. This is especially important when switching to a lighter colour than the original.

Better Durability

Because of its better adhesion properties, primer will help ensure that your new paint will last as long as possible. Primer can also help to seal surfaces and prevent moisture from damaging beneath the surface of the paint. For larger painting projects, we suggest that you always plan on using primer to ensure the long lifespan of your paint.

Better Finished Appearance

Primer can help hide certain features and imperfections on new walls and ceilings such as joins and seams and blemishes that could show through. This is especially important if you’re using a lighter paint colour to ensure that these imperfections don’t show through the finished coats.

While ensuring your residential interior painting project uses primer is important, you may still have questions about primer itself. Give us a call and we can help you figure out the best plan of action for your home to ensure your new paint job looks great and will last for years to come.



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