5 Signs it’s time to Paint your Home’s Exterior

Exterior paint is used for more than just adding visual aesthetics to your home, it’s also your home’s first line of defence against rotting, decay, sun damage, insects and moisture intrusion. Because of that, it’s important to be aware of your home’s exterior paint condition and keep an eye on whether or not touchups or a full exterior painting will be required. We’ve prepared a list of some of the top things you should look for on your home’s exterior paint.


Not only does peeling paint on your home’s exterior look bad, but it also means that your exterior paint is reaching the end of its lifecycle, opening the way for possible damage and moisture. Peeling paint means it’s time to call a professional exterior painting company and discuss your options for repainting.


Over time, exterior paint weakens and you may begin to notice small hairline cracks, or larger cracks occurring in your paint. As soon as you notice cracking beginning to occur, it is crucial to call a professional exterior painting company to assess and address the issue promptly, as your home’s exterior shield has been compromised, leaving your home’s interior vulnerable if the problem persists.

Fading Colours

The higher the quality of exterior paint that you use, the longer the colour will last versus cheaper alternatives. Regardless of the quality of paint, fading will inevitably occur, especially on sides of your home that have more exposure to direct sunlight.

Water Stains

When your exterior paint is continuously exposed to moisture, such as a leaking hose, you’ll begin to notice discoloration from the continuous water exposure. This can start to cause additional issues as the moisture seeps through the paint and eventually into your home if it’s not addressed properly.


Over time, wood begins to rot and become visible. It is crucial to address any soft sections of decay as quickly as possible. Much like a virus, rotting wood will continue to spread into the health wood fibers are time goes on, creating a larger problem the longer you wait. Ensure that you repair any rotting wood as quickly as possible, and top it off with primer and paint to seal the repair properly.

When it comes to exterior paint, routine care, exterior paint inspections and touch-ups are the best way to prevent any damage from occurring to your home. Although many people think that it’s too much of a hassle or not in their budget, ignoring the problem only creates larger problems, and further increases the costs to repair the issue. If you live in the Vancouver area, Get in Touch with ProRise Painting, and we would be happy to assess your exterior painting needs and inspect your exterior for any potential issues.



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