Cheap Painting Estimates – Too Good to be True?

Everyone likes a deal, and no one wants to spend more than they need to for interior house painting. When you’re comparing estimates from multiple painting companies, it’s natural to be drawn to the lowest price. When a price seems too good to be true, there’s generally a reason for it. How are these low numbers made possible?

Low Quality Materials

The price difference between low quality paint and high quality paint adds up quickly. Some painting contractors will opt to use lower quality paints to increase their profits. Quality is directly related to the price, but cheaper products don’t hold up over time or perform to the same standards as higher quality paints.

Quality paints provide much more true and vibrant colours with more consistent coverage and a quality finish. Higher quality paints also withstand wear far greater than a lower quality paint, and when used for exterior painting, they hold up better against the elements.

Insufficient Preparation

One of the biggest costs that painting companies incur is man-hours for surface preparation. If the painters skip over or do a poor job repairing any damages to the walls, they can save a lot of money in labour fees.

Every quality painting contractor knows that surface preparation is the key to a high-quality paint job. For interior painting, this involves filling holes, smoothing, and creating an even surface. Anything overlooked at this stage means the finished product will show every flaw in the wall itself.

One step that many companies skip is priming. Priming isn’t always necessary, but in many cases it’s a crucial step that cannot be overlooked. Primer is absolutely necessary for any drywall that has been repaired prior to painting, or if the colour that is being used is completely different than the previous colour as it will ensure that the previous colour is completely hidden.

Poor Management

Another way that a painting company can reduce expenses and provide cheap estimates is by reducing its office staff. In order to provide a top-notch painting experience to their clients, a painting company needs to have effective office staff. This includes someone who is available to answer when you call or email, ensure that your paperwork is filed properly so no information is lost of forgotten and provides assistance with scheduling crews to be on the job site, on time.

No Insurance

It’s easy for anyone with a vehicle and some painting supplies to claim to be a house painter but it takes time and money to maintain proper licensing and insurance for a painting company. Always be sure to check that your painting contractor has any licensing required in your area and carries liability insurance to protect both their workers as well as your home. Other things to look for are memberships with professional associations or industry associations such as the Better Business Bureau, Homestars, etc.

Be wary of estimates with prices that are too good to be true. There is generally a reason why they’re so low. Be sure to ask questions before selecting a contractor to ensure your painting project is done properly by skilled interior painters.



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