Choosing an Interior Paint Colour

Most people assume that finding a new paint colour would be an easy task. After all, most big box home stores have a wall packed full of colour options to choose from, but the reality is, if you’ve ever tried, it’s far from an easy task. Many people get creative looking for that perfect shade of blue or that right warm orange to amplify their room.

Before you start buying endless cans of paint and hoping for the best, we’ve outlined some of our top tips for choosing an interior paint colour for your home.

1. Ask yourself how you want the room to feel

Do you want your room to be brighter than it is or darker than it is? Is the space meant for relaxing, or is it a playful space? Be sure to ask yourself these types of questions to help you select a paint colour that will complement the overall vibe you want to present with the room.

2. Paint a Sample

One of the best ways to test out a new paint colour is to paint a sample of the colour. Many people opt for painting the sample colour directly on the wall, but if it’s not the colour for you, you’re stuck staring at a square of random paint on your wall until you decide. Paint the new colour on a large blank recipe card or piece of cardstock, and then tape it to the wall. This will allow you to test the new colour in different lights throughout the day and from different locations throughout the room. If it turns out the colour isn’t for you, just remove the tape from the wall and move on to the next one.

3. Choose colours you dislike

When it comes to choosing paint colours, especially if you’re working with a professional painting company, be sure to have examples on hand of colours you don’t like. This will assist your painter during the colour consultation to help them narrow the field of colours more quickly, especially if they’re coming back with suggestions of their own for your new interior paint colour.

4. When in Doubt, Go with your Gut

First impressions can mean a lot, and it when it comes to painting your own home, it’s worth listening to your gut instincts. If you find something that your gut tells you is right, go for it! Going with your gutcan often make the painting process easier on you.

5. Find a Professional Painting Company

A professional painting company that offers colour consultations can be a valuable asset in the painting process. They know the world of paint colours inside and out and can often help you find that exact colour or shade that you don’t quite know how to describe just by asking the right questions.

Our team at ProRise Painting is happy to answer any interior painting questions you may have and are always available to assist with helping you select the perfect new colour for your interior painting project. Get in Touch with our team today and let us help you find the colours you desire.



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