Choosing Paint Colours for your Bedroom

Your bedroom is meant to be a relaxing retreat when you need to unwind from the stress of daily life. It needs to be a welcoming environment designed for peace, and most importantly – sleep. Many factors play into creating the perfect space that you look forward to entering, but one of the largest factors in your ideal space is the colour of your walls and ceiling in your bedroom. Ensuring that you choose the right paint colours is crucial in achieving and setting the mood of your ideal environment. Sleep studies have shown that the colour of your bedroom can affect your quality of sleep and your mood. In these studies, they found that rooms that were painted in lighter shades of blue provided the best results when it came to relaxation and the overall quality of your sleep.

Neutral Colours

Neutral colours are always a safe choice for walls and ceilings. They are generally calming and relaxing and aren’t overwhelming, allowing you to easily relax your mind and body. Many people worry that neutral colours may be boring, but it is important to remember that you can add elements such as furniture, wall art, rugs, and other accents to compliment the neutral colour choices of your walls and ceiling. Neutral colours allow you to easily set a base for your new canvas.

Pastel Colours

Pastel colours such as pinks, lavenders, soft blues and soft greens, and pinks can create a very soothing and welcoming environment when done right. When combined with accessories that are brighter in colour and natural wood or stained wood furniture, they can amplify the effect.

Cool Colours

Cool colours are an ideal choice in creating a calm and relaxing space, especially for bedrooms where you need to wind down at the end of a long day and look towards a good night’s rest. Light blues, blue green and grey are the ideal colour choices for this situation.

Choosing the Right Colours

At the end of the day, the right colour for your bedroom ultimately comes down to your own personal preference. While many people prefer the cool colours like studies have shown, many people prefer warmer colours such as soft reds and yellows. Your best bet is to look for inspiration in magazines, and online in places such as Pinterest or other websites. Take these pictures to your paint store or directly to your painting company to help match the colour you’re looking for.

No matter which colour you choose for your bedroom, you want to achieve the best results you possibly can and ideally match it to your inspiring photo as closely as possible. By hiring a professional painting company, you can be sure that they will pay close attention to detail and help you achieve the bedroom of your dreams. ProRise Painting is one of Vancouver’s highest reviewed and rated contractors on websites such as HomeStars and Houzz, and guarantees the job will always be done right the first time. Give us a call at (604) 338-4817 or email us for a free estimate at info@prorisepainting.com



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