DIY Painting Tips

While it is already recommended that a painting project be done by a professional painter, many homeowners prefer the do-it-yourself approach. Whether it’s an interior painting project or an exterior painting project, there are some important steps that should be taken for every painting project. When it comes to painting, preparation for the job is just as important as the execution. Here are some of our top DIY painting preparation tips for every homeowner.

Safety First. Always

Regardless of the size of painting project you plan to undertake, always ensure your safety first. Safety should always be your top priority and something that is taken very seriously. If you’re painting indoors, ensure that the area is well ventilated. If you need to work with a ladder, ensure that it is strong and sturdy, and always have someone hold the ladder while you’re on it. Take your time and move slowly throughout your project, as rushing, especially at heights can be dangerous.

Avoid Plastic Drop Cloths

Plastic drop cloths are always a cheaper alternative to fabric, but can be potentially dangerous and messy. Plastic drop cloths tend to get slippery, especially once paint is splattered all over them and take far longer to dry. Canvas painting drop cloths are a much better solution. While they are more expensive, they help to soak up the excess paint that has been spilled on them and reduce the risk of falling, wont rip or tear, and generally don’t need to be taped down.

Figure out how much Paint you’ll need

Ensuring you have the right amount of paint to complete the project is a crucial step. Always ensure you take the time to measure the surface that’s going to be painted and determine how much paint you’ll need. Most paint cans have guidelines about how many square feet of paint the can will cover. Keep in mind, these are just guidelines, and it’s always best to have a little extra than not enough.

Allocate Plenty of Time

Painting is a time-consuming task, especially for homeowners who aren’t as experienced in DIY painting. Always be sure to allocate at least a couple of days for a painting project to ensure that you have adequate time to complete the project from start to finish.

DIY Painting can be a fun and rewarding experience for any homeowner. There is a certain level of satisfaction that comes from undertaking and completing a painting project yourself. The experts at your local painting stores can help you to ensure that you’re well prepared for your project and armed with all of the knowledge you’ll need to complete the task.



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