Do’s and Don’ts of Interior Painting

Painting the interior of any space that you will be spending any significant amount of time in including your homes, offices (although you might want to get a professional to paint this one), churches and so on is an important activity that has potentially long-lasting effects on your emotions and also could potentially transform your space from drab and dreary to fabulous and snazzy literally overnight.

In essence, either you want a professional painter to come in and perform their magic or you want to roll up your sleeves and Do It Yourself, it is important that you plan carefully, know what you want and proceed to make it happen.

For DIY interior painting or professional interior painting for that matter, here are a few tips that can help you make the right choices so when you look at that finished wall, that smile on your face would light up the room as much as your new paint job.

Get your Ducks in a Row

Yes, make sure you get everything ready before you make the first swish of the brush on your walls. First off, ensure the walls you are about to paint are smooth and free of dirt, it is also a good idea to apply primer before the coat of paint to give it that smooth, silky professional feel. The primer also helps to fill up cracks, holes and other blemishes.

This goes without saying, but at this point, you should have procured all the tools you would need- brushes, paint trays, paint brush and rollers, masking tape, drop cloths and so on. Oh and don’t forget to get an apron or else you want to come out looking like you just left a Kindergarten finger painting class.

Choose the Right Colours

This right here is probably the most important thing to consider when painting your interior spaces. Think of the feeling you want to produce through that space. If it’s a child’s room, you would probably want bright and lively colours, maybe even some fun murals on the walls. You wouldn’t paint that kind of room a dull or dark colour, it defeats the purpose. Combining colours also work, that is if they are combined well. You do not want the effect to be garish, and that tends to happen more often than you might think.

Get Your Paint On!

Now we get to the part where you get to test your brush strokes. Keep it simple, don’t go for extravagant brush strokes, you are not Picasso. Just a simple up and down stroke with a brush or if you are using a roller, up and down movement with steady hands will do the trick.

Final Thoughts

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it will point you in the right direction. Painting your walls yourself or choosing colours for professional painters are supposed to be fun and fulfilling activities, but you also need to have great results, so prep well, keep it simple, and you will be just fine.



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