Eight Things to Know about Interior Painting

If you’re ready to give your home a makeover, then here are some things you need to know about interior painting.

Sheen is Important

The sheen on your paint has a major impact on your walls. Gloss, eggshell, and satin are some of the options to consider. High-traffic areas do well with satin or gloss as they are easier to clean and they hold up better to touching. The downside is that they make the imperfections (such as patched areas, wavy drywall) on your walls more pronounced. A matte-like finish hides imperfections better, but they aren’t as easy to clean and they don’t endure touches as well.

Embrace Colour

Don’t be scared to try bold colours. Pick out a colour that can add texture and depth to your room. If you have an understanding of the psychology of colours, you can use put it to good use. Calming colours such as a colour in the blue family is a great colour for bedrooms.

Try Samples First

Instead of trying to guess how good a colour will look on your wall, and picking something you don’t like, try out a sample. You can purchase sample pints for the fraction of the cost of a gallon of paint. Take the home, and test them out and use this to judge how the colour will look on a larger area. You’re better off spending a few dollars on a sample, than buying a paint gallon only to find out that it doesn’t work.

Be Ready for Prep Work

A lot of time spent on the interior painting will involve prep work. You’ll need to move furnishings and furniture, tape off areas for sharp lines, protect the floors, repair and patch any imperfections, and remove things like doorknobs and switch plates. Be ready to spend three-quarter of your time on prep work.

Primer is Key

Unless you plan to buy a paint and primer all-in-one mixture, you’ll need to prime your walls. This is especially important if you’re making a drastic change to the colour of your wall. A tinted primer is useful in that situation. Primers help to cover up stains and colours and adds a layer to allow the top coat of paint to give you a better result.

It’s Okay to Cut In

Painting at edges and corners (cutting in) allows for smoother work when using larger brushes or rollers. If you do this after painting large areas will create uneven lines. This may seem like a lot of work, but it’ll give you a better result.

Rollers save time

Although rollers require more equipment (poles, handles) than brushes, they let you do more work in less time. Ensure to paint in an overlapping “W” to give you smoother roller lines and give you better coverage.

Use an Extension Pole

Instead of using a ladder for detail work at heights or cutting in, you can add an extension pole to a roller. It’ll save you even more time, and you’ll be able to reach higher without having to move as much.



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