What to Expect from a Professional Painter in Vancouver

You’ve made the decision to hire a professional painting company in Vancouver to paint the interior of your home. You’ve done your research, selected a company and are anxiously waiting for the big day to arrive when it hits you – Am I supposed to be doing something to get ready for the painting company? Should I move the couch? Am I supposed to wipe down the walls? What am I supposed to do to prepare? We’re going to tell you 8 things you should expect your painting company to provide you with during the process to ensure you’re well informed.


As with any company, your interior painting company should show up on time and ready to work. Since you will likely be spending some time in your home along with the painters, it’s important that they are kind and respectful to you, your family and your belongings while they are in your home.

Expert Advice

Before an interior painting company even picks up a roller, it’s important to decide on a new interior paint colour and finish. A professional interior painting company can assist and advise on selecting paint colours and finishes to suit your needs and desires.


Your painters should ensure that your flooring and furniture is protected before the painting begins. The company should also be ensured just in case anything does happen to go wrong and there are any damages to your home or belongings.

Surface Preparation

One of the secrets to a quality paint job is surface prep. Your painters should ensure that you walls are clean, any nail holes are filled, and any uneven surfaces or paint drips from previous painting are sanded smooth. Your painters will also take care of removing and replacing switch plate covers for you.


Priming the walls is a crucial step to ensure that the old paint is covered and the new paint holds true to colour. Some walls may require an extra coat of primer to ensure superior coverage with the new paint, whether it be caused by overly saturated paint or stains.

Quality Painting Tools

A good painter has a wide range of tools in their arsenal and knows that top-notch, commercial painting tools will ensure a flawless finish for your interior painting project.


Once the painting project is complete, the newly painted rooms should be ready to live in as soon as the painters walk out the door, aside from re-hanging any artwork or moving furniture back into place.

The Perfect Paint Job

At the end of the process, your interior painting company will leave you with a flawless new paint job. You can expect that it will be applied with smooth, even coverage and crisp, clean lines.

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