How Long Does Exterior Painting Take?

When the outside of your home starts to look faded or outdates, exterior painting is a great option to help bring life back to your exterior. Before beginning an exterior painting project, it’s important to know what is involved. One of the most frequent questions we get asked is how long the process takes.

There are many factors that are involved in an exterior painting project. Below we’ll outline the process for a typical two-story home in Vancouver.

Step 1: Cleaning

The cleaning stage involves pressure washing the home to remove any dirt, mildew, loose paint and other contaminants that may be present. This generally takes a few hours to complete, but the exterior will need to dry thoroughly afterwards. Generally, it’s best to allow a day for the exterior to dry. In the cases of wood siding, this may take up to two days depending on weather conditions.

Step 2: Prep

Preparation is often the step that varies from project to project. Some projects require extensive stripping and priming or wood repair while others generally require less preparation work. For an average 2-story home in Vancouver, it’s best to expect a full day of preparation for a well-kept exterior. For exteriors that have deteriorated, preparation could take several days.

Step 3: Painting

Applying the paint to your home’s exterior needs to be done with attention to detail. For an experience exterior painting contractor, the exterior of a home generally only takes a couple of days to paint when the weather cooperates.

When your home’s exterior has been professionally painted by a qualified exterior painting contractor in Vancouver with high quality materials, it can last anywhere from five to eight years depending on the condition of the house and the elements it’s exposed to. With the complete process taking only a matter of days, you’ll receive more enjoyment out of your newly painted exterior than you’ll lose during the entire process from start to finish.



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