Potential Paint Problems

There are all sorts of interior painting problems, which can develop in any room in your house. Usually, they occur when the paint is old or cracking, but sometimes, even newly painted areas can develop problems. If you’re inattentive while painting, it can cause drips, roller and/or brush marks that can leave your wall looking unsightly.

Let’s take a look at some of the problems your interior painting can face.

Cracking and Peeling

Cracking and peeling are one of the biggest problems that old paint faces. It is usually caused by moisture that has developed over time. This is why you’ll see more instances of cracking and peeling paints in a room where the humidity is high. Typically, cracking and peeling occurs in the bathroom, kitchen, or the basement of the house that usually gets wet when it rains.

A simple solution to this interior painting problem is to reduce the humidity in the room. The easiest way to do this is to install a vent fan in the room of interest. When the fan is turned on, it’ll send the humidity and anything else in the air outside. You can also get a dehumidifier to help reduce the humidity. Just put one in the room and you’ll be able to reduce the possibility of cracking and peeling paint.

Drip Marks

This is another problem caused by the running of paint. Sometimes, when you leave the paint to dry as it is, the little paint droplets harden at the bottom of the drip lines. Since this is a problem caused by inattentiveness, you can immediately fix the problem if it is still wet by painting over it.

Drip marks are also caused by starting out with too much paint on the brush or when you over-thin your paint. Sometimes, weather conditions such as cold air or humidity can also cause drip marks. If the dripping has already hardened, you can still fix the spot, only it’ll require a little bit of work. Use a sandpaper to sand the drip spot site. Once that’s done, simply paint over the spot using a thin coat of paint. You don’t want to use a heavy coat and end up with the same problem again.

Stains and Discolouration

Sometimes, stains or discolouration on the wall can seep through and appear on your new paint job. This is a fairly common interior painting problem. It usually occurs when you paint over a dirt, water stain, or a patch of darker paint. You can avoid this situation by applying a primer over the section of the wall in question. You can find primers in your local paint store. If you’re not sure of the type to get, don’t hesitate to ask. That way, you’ll get one that works best for your particular problem.

Apply a few coats of stain resistant primer to the section of the wall, repaint said section, and your problem should be taken care of. Make sure you take a proper look at your walls and make note of any section with spots before you start.



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