Prepare for the Holidays with these Painting Projects

Looking ahead to Christmas Dinners, and New Year’s parties? These are times of celebrating together, focused on family and friendship, food and fun times. These are also times where we usually have the opportunity for hospitality for your guests. Whether you have family from out of town stay with you over the weekend, co-workers over for a Christmas party, or host a big New Year’s Eve Party, you will most likely be welcoming people into your home over the holiday season. What better way to prepare than to refresh your home with new paint? A newly painted room can feel like a whole new place; clean, fresh, delightful, and even surprising.

Brighten Up Your Entryway

This is a natural place to start, as it is the first place your guests will see, creating a first impression as they step into your home. Your entryway communicates something to everyone who comes into your home. Choose a colour that represents who you are and the atmosphere that you want your home to have. Having it repainted may also be the inspiration you have been waiting for to get your entryway organized and maximize it usefulness as well as its beauty.

Liven Up Your Kitchen

Kitchens are called the heart of the home for good reason. Much of our life often involves our kitchens and hospitality often revolves around our kitchens, as we prepare food, and eat together Being a central gathering place makes the kitchen a great space to invest some extra love into. Keep it delightful!

Revamp a Guest Room

Another great choice as you prepare for company is to repaint your guest bedroom. Having a whole new look and fresh paint colors will help this special place to be appealing and delightful for your company to stay in. Making the investment of having it painted will show your guests that you value them and want to make their stay with you comfortable and pleasant.

Update a Bathroom

While often overlooked, the bathroom may be the secret to truly great hospitality. Whether you decide to have your main downstairs bathroom painted, or a guest bath off of your guest room, you can get a high return in repainting a bathroom. Most bathrooms are small and are a quick job to have repainted. Yet the transformation can be incredible.

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