Preparing your Home for a Professional Interior Painting Job

Having your home painted gives your home a fresh, new look and often feels like having a brand new home. When you hire a professional interior painting company in Vancouver to perform the job for you, it assures you a faster and more professional finish.

To help ensure that your painting contractor cam complete the job quickly and effectively, there are some things you should do to prepare for the big day and assist your contractor.

Remove Decorative Items

Your painting contractor will have protective sheets to cover up items in the room such as furniture, but it’s still a good idea to move any free-standing decorative items and piece to a different room from the one being painted. This reduces the risk of items being splashed by paint or damaged, especially for more fragile items.

Remove Wall Hanging Items

Items such as artwork, mirrors and other decorative items that hang on the walls should be removed ahead of time. This ensures that they won’t be damaged and helps save the painter’s time removing them or working around them. It allows your painting contractor to get to work as soon as they arrive at your home rather than having to wait for items to be moved and can help reduce the cost of your overall bill.

Ease of Access

By allowing easy access around your home, your painting contractor will be able to maneuver quickly and finish the job faster. Before your contractor arrives, check the spaces to be painted to ensure there is room for ladders and equipment that your painting contractor will bring with them. Move all furniture to the middle of the room so that it can easily be covered with protective sheets that your painting contractor will provide. If the ceiling is being painted, it’s best to move furniture to another room if possible, to ensure unobstructed access to the entire room.

Wall Preparation & Cleaning

During your initial consultation, your painting contractor will likely discuss wall preparation steps with you. In most cases, your contractor will address this for you, but in some cases, it may be the responsibility of the homeowner. Some of these items may include:

  • Cleaning the walls
  • Filling any dents in the wall to ensure a smooth, consistent finish
  • Removing any cobwebs in the corners of the rooms being painted
  • Removing any mildew or mildew stains

Window Treatments, Throws and Rugs

These items are commonly overlooked when it comes to preparing a room to be painted. While your painting contractor can complete the project with minimal mess, accidental splashes do happen. We strongly recommend removing all curtains and blinds, throws and rugs or loose carpeting while the painting is being done, or putting them in the middle of the room with furniture so that they can be easily covered up.

Consult Your Painting Contractor

Your painting contractor is undoubtedly very experienced with interior painting projects and knows what works, what doesn’t and what can be overlooked. Discussing these small details with them can save you the last-minute rush as they can point out anything that should be addressed prior to your project commencing.



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