Removing Old Wallpaper

Many homeowners find removing wallpaper to be a difficult and challenging task. Generally, when wallpaper is only a layer or two thick, it can come off quite easily, but often homeowners are faced with scraping three or more layers from a wall. We’ve outlined some tips and tricks to removing that old wallpaper and giving yourself a blank canvas to work with.

Determine your Wall Type

Removing wallpaper depends a lot on what type of wall it was applied to in the first place. The difference between removing wallpaper from different types of walls varies.

Plaster Walls – Plaster walls are normally found in older homes. A wood lath is secured to a wooden frame and covered with a few coats of plaster. Plaster walls are generally considered to be far more solid than drywall.

Drywall – The most common type of wall is drywall. It is made of a chalk-like sheet that is covered in thin cardboard. Drywall sheets are screwed onto wood frames and give off a hollow sound if you knock on them. Because drywall is lighter than plaster and not as solid, you need to be more careful when scraping wallpaper off of your walls.

Preparing for Removal

Before you remove the wallpaper, you need to do some initial preparation work. Ensure that you remove all of the pictures and decorations off of the wall and remove as much furniture as you can from the area. Any furnishings that need to remain in the immediate area should be covered.

Removing Strippable Wallpaper

To remove strippable wallpaper, you will need to use a special liquid concentrate stripping agent specifically design for stripping wallpaper when mixed with hot water. Once your stripping mixture is prepared, apply it to the walls using a sprayer or a brush, working from top to bottom in a single area. Allow the paper to soak for a brief period of time before you begin scraping.

Removing Washable Wallpaper

Washable wallpaper is more durable as it can be washed and wiped as it gets dirty. As a result, it also makes it more difficult to remove due to the waterproof film applied during production. To remove washable wallpaper, use a scoring tool to create small slits before spraying the paper with water. Spray the water into the slits so that it can penetrate the covering. Wait a brief period of time then scrape the paper off the wall using a putty knife.

Wallpaper removal can be a challenging and frustrating task. Our wallpaper removal experts at ProRise painting can help you quickly and easily remove wallpaper from any room of your home. For a free wallpaper removal estimate, get in touch with one of our wallpaper experts today.



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