Should I Buy My Own Paint?

Now that it’s time to paint your home, and you’ve selected your colours and sheen for your walls or exterior, you’ve gone and purchased the amount of paint you believe you’ll need from the local home improvement store – now all you need is a professional to apply the paint for you. While you may think you’re getting ahead of the game, buying your own paint may not be the best idea.

The product may not be the best fit

From primers to paints, professionals have years of experience and knowledge to guide you in the right direction. The product that is best suited for your project depends on a number of factors, including traffic, exposure to moisture and sunlight, condition of the surfaces to be painted, and more. When purchasing your own paint, the specifications of the product you choose may not be the same as what a professional painter would choose.

Product Quality

Paint from the big box stores caters to homeowners and does not stand up to professional grade paints from companies like Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore. As a result, you may incur additional chargers from your painter due to the additional labour and material required to apply extra coats with the product you selected.

Different Paints Require Different Techniques

Over time, painting companies develop strong relationships with specific paint vendors and their products and have carefully mastered the techniques required to deliver a professional application with that paint. Not all products can be applied in the same way, and while a new product may not necessarily lack in quality, it may be more difficult to apply or need to be applied differently which can lead to additional costs and possibly delay the completion of the project.

Your painter receives better pricing

Professional painters have long established relationships with their vendors that enable them to purchase products at the best possible price. This allows them to use the best quality paint at a lower price and pass those savings on to their clients.

By allowing your contractor to choose the best possible product to suit your needs, you’re also ensuring that the product can be applied as efficiently as possible. Many painting companies include the cost of materials are part of the contract price, which also allows them to guarantee their workmanship. If the painting company is using an unfamiliar product or a product purchased by the homeowner, they may not be able to make the same guaranteed.

Hiring a professional painter is not limited to the labour being provided, it also includes expert product knowledge to know what product will best suit your needs and provide you with the best possible price for your project. Get in touch with our paint experts at ProRise Painting and let us help you with the entire process of your project from start to finish.



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