Top Exterior Paint Colours for Selling Your Home

Exterior painting is a great way to increase curb appeal and resale value for your home, but selecting a colour can be difficult. Exterior paint colours are tough to make decisions on because they cover such as large surface area, and serve as an immediate first impression on your home’s exterior. If you’re getting ready to put your house on the market and your exterior is in need of a refreshed look, it’s important to ensure you select the right exterior paint colour.

Many people opt for bright colours to help their home stand out, but in reality, the majority of homebuyers will turn their backs to homes with these colour schemes on the exterior. Be sure to consider what will be the most visually appealing for your home when selecting an exterior paint colour. Below are some of the top choices for exterior paint colours that can help you sell your home effectively.

White or Off-White

White or off-white exterior paint colours look great on almost any home and with any landscape. Potential homebuyers tend to be drawn to the classic look that white exterior paint can provide and helps to make a good first impression. Amplify the effects of the white exterior colour by painting your home’s shutters and exterior trim with darker colours.

Tan or Taupe

Similar to whites and off whites, tan and taupe are popular exterior painting colour choices when looking to add value to your home. Tan and taupe colours match natural surroundings and landscaping well, and help to create an inviting atmosphere.

Light or Dark Grey

Grey is a neutral colour that people tend to gravitate towards for exterior painting of their home. Painting your home in a darker shade of grey allows you to use lighter colours for accents such as shutters and trim. Alternatively, lighter shades of grey allow you to use darker accent colours.


Blue-grey adds a richer colour feel than the neutral colours mentioned above. It adds a beautiful sense of nature and water to your home’s landscape, even if your home isn’t directly near a coastline. Pairing a blue-grey exterior paint colour with white trim helps to add to that natural cottage feel, even within the city.


Using a yellow exterior paint colour must be done correctly. When don’t right, it creates a very welcoming atmosphere, but using a shade of yellow that is too bright, will have the opposite effect. When choosing shades of yellow for your exterior painting project, opt for softer, lighter shades of yellows which will help to draw a potential buyer’s attention and highlight your existing landscaping. Compliment the yellow with a classic white for trim and shutters to amplify it’s effects.

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