How to Use Black Paint Inside Your Home

Times are changing and black paint is starting to make an appearance on the interior of homes. Black can be a very exciting colour when used correctly inside of your home. Here are some considerations before you decide to use black as your next colour choice for your project.

Black paint absorbs light – Black paint is best used in a space that has ample natural lighting. If you’re just using it on an accent wall, this isn’t necessarily a crucial requirement, but if it will be your main wall colour, ensure you have some large windows in the space.

Black makes rooms feel smaller – Make sure you choose a room that is a decent size when using black paint. Black paint on walls or ceilings can make the room feel smaller than it really is. This is a good tactic to use when you want a room to feel cozier.

Consider the finish – Black doesn’t have to be generic. You can add character to the black by selecting a different sheen, or using one that has an earthy feel or deep blue undertones. Be sure to use a sample and try it on your wall before you purchase gallons of that colour so you can see how it really looks in that space.

Where to Use Black Paint

One of the best ways to utilize black is as an accent colour such as an accent wall or a ceiling. When using black as an accent, remember that it will draw the eye and become a focal point for that space. Use it in a part of the room that feels natural as a focal point rather so it doesn’t make the room feel off balance.

Black paint will make other colours in the room amplified by contrast. It can go extremely well with white furniture such as chairs and décor. Small pops of bold colours such as orange, blue, yellow or lime green can also really be amplified within a black room.

If you’re looking to use black paint in your home, get in touch with our painting experts at ProRise Painting. Our team can help you select the best way to utilize black paint in your home’s interior that will help your home stand out and emphasize the new focal points.



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