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3 Signs Its Time To Paint Your Exterior

As a responsible homeowner, you want to keep your home in good shape. You take care of the landscaping, fix anything that breaks and you do other routine maintenance. With some problems, it’s easy to tell when an old feature of the house needs to be replaced, but how can you tell when the exterior house paint needs an update? Why is it even important to hav fresh paint? Keep reading to find out!

Signs New Paint Is Needed

Nothing lasts forever, but how do you know when you should refresh your home’s exterior walls? If your paint is showing these signs, it’s time for a fresh coat of exterior paint.

Bubbling, Cracking and Peeling

Obvious signs that your paint is failing and needs to be replaced include bubbling, cracking and peeling. Basically, the adhesive of your paint has failed and the paint bubbles when the surface is heated up in warmer weather or sunlight. Cracking and peeling occur when the buttles burst. With time, these areas only get worse and can spread throughout the whole wall, making your exterior appear more shabby.

Fading or Chalking

Unfortunately, even the most vibrant colours can fade over time, especially when they’re exposed to sunlight for years nad years. Although the process happens slowly, one day you may notice that the colour on your exterior doesn’t look like it used to, which is a clear sign that you need new paint.

At first glance, it can be easy to mistake chalking for fading as these two can look similar. However, chalking is actually a chemical reaction between the top layer of paint and the sun’s UV rays. You can tell if it’s chalking if you have a film or white dust forming. In this case, you’ll need to remove that top layer so that the new paint will adhere properly.


When moisture is trapped and is prevented from evaporating, bacteria and mildew can set in. You’ll want to take care of the problem before painting. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with this problem again down the road.

Benefits of New Paint

Other than simply wanting to avoid the appearance of old paint, having a new coat on your home’s exterior can also be beneficial in the long term. It may be relatively thin, but the pain actually acts as the first layer of defense for your home against the moisture. Basically nothing is waterproof, but brand-new exterior paint withstands rain, heat and other challenges that mother nature presents. By keeping the paint in excellent condition, you are taking good care of the house as a whole.

Every now and then, while you’re doing other maintenance tasks, take a few minutes to inspect the exterior paint to make sure it looks good. When you make the time and effort to keep your property updated, you can enjoy the satisfaction of having a beautiful, functional home.

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