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How to Prep your Home for Exterior Painting

If you’ve never painted the exterior of a home, it’s critical that you take the time to perform all the necessary steps to achieve a long-lasting, even finish. If your goal is to boost your home’s curb appeal, the last thing you want to do is affect the end result through poor planning and preparation. With proper preparation, you can avoid potentially costly mistakes that take time to resolve.

A lot of novice home painters make the mistake of thinking that house painting is a quick, easy, one-step process, but the reality is, it’s much more involved than that. There are several steps that must be taken in order to achieve results that will last and look great. If you cut corners during the process, it could result in an uneven finish, bubbling or dripping paint in the end. Down the road, the lack of preparation could lead to potential damage from mould and moisture.

Inspect your WIndows & Doors

On newer homes, flashing is used around windows and doors of your home, but with older homes, it may just be caulking. It’s important to double check all of these areas to ensure that no water is leaking into your home. You may be able to see paint discolouration or rot in the areas and it’s important to replace it before you begin painting. As tempting as it may seem to simply paint over these problem areas, they won’t look good down the road and you’ll end up needing to replace them eventually if mould or mildew is present.

Sand and Wash

It’s important to get all the old paint off your home before adding another layer. Stacking multiple layers on top of each other without properly removing the current coats will trap dirt, dust and other problems underneath, ruining the appearance of the new paint. Be sure to sand and power wash the entire exterior of your home thoroughly before adding the new coats of paint.

Take Your Time

Exterior painting takes time and patience, and while rushing through the job can be tempting, especially if you aren’t prepared for the time investment exterior painting requires, you’ll end up with patchy results that will be less than desirable in the end. It’s important to schedule yourself enough time to get the job done properly.

If you don’t have any experience with exterior painting, painting your whole home is a large undertaking to take on yourself. Instead of taking it on alone, call in professional painters to ensure you get the results you want and ensure that your home is fully protected from the elements, while eliminating the stress and hassle that comes with taking on the project yourself.

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