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Painting Shortcuts You Need To Avoid

Everybody wants an excellent paint job, but the problem is that people are not willing to go the extra mile and spend a good amount of time and money. Many try to take shortcuts, but the problem with shortcuts is that they are usually the longest and toughest ones. So if you are planning on painting your house, you need to be aware of the things where people don’t make an effort and try to save their time and money. However, they end up making things worse. Have a look at them below:

Not Preparing The Paint

Do you know that the preparation of paint is as important as the preparation of the surface? Even if you get a high quality paint you still need to ensure that it has a consistent viscosity. The paint should not be too thin or too thick; it should be right in the middle.

Dip the brush in the paint, pull it out and notice the paint; if it is too thick, it needs to be thinned via proper preparation. If you skip the preparation of paint then it won’t have a consistent finish. We suggest that you read the instructions at the back of the can to guarantee perfect results.

Not Prepping The Surface

Many people try to save their time by skipping the process of preparing the surface. The surface is the place where the paint will be applied, and it will have to stay there for years to come; so it cannot be ignored. The surface needs to be in the position where the paint can easily adhere to it and look just simply stunning. Skipping the preparation of the surface will lead to issues like substandard finish or the paint not sticking well.

So, you will have to get rid of the stains that the existing paint has. Then the surface will have to be sanded, and primer will have to be applied on the surface to make the paint stick to it firmly.

Not Applying Multiple Coats

Sometimes, you feel like getting over with the painting process quickly due to a busy schedule and because of that, you may skip applying multiple coats of paint. You may just apply a single coat and call it a night. However, that will only make things worse for you.

Multiple coats of paint are applied so that there is no transparency and the wall behind the paint is not visible. Applying just a single coat will make your paint transparent, which is something no one wants to see.

Not Waiting For Paint To Dry Between Coats

Some people go the extra mile and apply multiple coats, however, they don’t wait for the coats to dry. If you paint over the coat that’s not dried completely, then it will take the final coat a lot longer to dry.

However, this is not the only problem. The main issue is that the paint will not be even. It’ll be a mess because the partially dried paint will mix with the fresh coat and move with it, which will leave the surface with uneven paint.

Cutting Corners on Product

Some people just think of every paint as just paint! They buy the cheapest products available thinking; its only paint, it doesn’t matter which one! Well, it does matter! Cheap paint will always have low quality. The manufacturers also cut corners in making it which means they don’t add all the necessary ingredients for excellent paint with high quality of colours and longevity.

We suggest that you survey the internet before pulling the trigger on a specific product. See which brands’ paint under your budget works the best, read reviews left by people and then make the purchase.

Not Working With Professionals

Another shortcut that people take is that they go for the DIY route. While we totally support this and also educate people on how to paint their house by themselves, you need to have basic knowledge of things to do it yourself. Not knowing what a primer is or how a surface is prepared will result in a substandard paint job.

Some opt for the second route; hiring painting companies to do the job. However, they still try to save some money and hire the one that quotes the cheapest. You should remember; cheap is not parallel with quality.

Those guys may do a good job, and the paint may appear excellent at the time. However, after a few weeks, when the paint has fully dried, you will find out the real quality of their work. The paint may start to chip away or bumps and brush marks may start appearing on the walls. Spending a bit extra on professionals will always pay off.

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