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Seven Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Painting Company in Vancouver

The decision to hire a painting company is very important and taking a few moments to consider the following questions to ask a painting company in Vancouver could save you money, frustration, and a negative experience. Painting companies in Vancouver range in the quality of services they provide, and there are many inexperiences and unqualified people and companies that call themselves professional painters. Many homeowners are too focused on the “how much does it cost” aspect and don’t consider anything else. This can lead them to hire the wrong company, leading to costly repairs and a frustrating experience.

We’ve compiled a list of the top questions you should ask a painting company to separate the professionals from the ones you want to stay away from.

  1. Do they have insurance? Contractors should always carry insurance – both liability insurance and workers compensation. The liability insurance protects your property from any damages by the contractor and worker’s compensation protects the workers (and you from any liability) while they are working on your home. Be sure to ask for proof of insurance to avoid taking any risks.
  2. Do they use subcontractors? Many painting companies use subcontractors rather than full-time painters. Sometimes, the painting company itself may be highly rated, but the subcontractors they use are not. Be sure to ask whether your painting company is doing the job themselves, or if they are contracting it out.
  3. What type of paint is being used? A good painting contractor will use quality products that are designed to last and give a professional appearance for years to come. Many times, a subpar contractor will use lower quality products to save money and the homeowner ends up dealing with a poor appearance not long after the job is completed.
  4. Is there a written proposal? A detailed painting proposal should be written so that your needs and requirements are met by the contractor. It also helps to eliminate any potential misunderstandings on the scope of the work and what is and isn’t included. Proposals that have little detail or are missing items can be an indication of future problems with your project.
  5. Who will manage my project? Many painting contractors have little management capabilities. Customers can quickly become frustrated by the lack of communication and lack of progress on their project. A quality painting company has systems in place to provide their customers with a positive experience from beginning to end.
  6. Are they a member of the Better Business Bureau or other trade associations? Memberships to organizations like the BBB, local Chamber of Commerce and trade associations demonstrate that a company is stable and dedicated to their trade. BBB memberships require a yearly fee and it shows a contractor’s willingness to let potential customers review their service record. Memberships in trade organizations show that a contractor is dedicated to quality as they often provide training, education and a code of ethics.
  7. Does the company provide a warranty? When hiring a painting contractor you will want some assurances on the work to be done in the form of a warranty. Be sure to find a painting company that stands behind their work. Top painting companies will stand behind their work for a much longer period of time with a warranty that covers both labour and materials and clearly defines what is and is not included.

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