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Utilizing Colour Psychology in Your Workplace

Maintaining a positive work environment that inspires productivity and a solid work-life balance is an essential part of your success. While there are many tools you can use to help achieve that end goal, one method is to utilize the power of colour psychology to positively influence those who are around you.

Set the Mood

The colours you choose to decorate your workspace can actually have a significant impact on the overall mood of the office space, making it essential that you choose colours carefully for different areas in your office. If you want a cheerful, friendly environment you need to select colours and shades that will promote that feeling. Blue shades tend to promote feelings of calmness while yellows promote a more energetic mood. Each part of your workspace has specific needs and you can utilize different colour combinations to meet those needs.

Colours for Danger and Problems

Colours are commonly used as a way of warning people of danger. If you think of a construction site, bright, bold colours are often used to alert employees and visitors to potential issues. Green generally indicates a safe area where employees are free to move as necessary. Yellow tends to be a middle ground where people should be cautious but the situation isn’t overly dangerous. Red is the colour that is used to make the most dangerous areas in situations. Using these colours as pillars effectively can help you keep your employees as safe as possible while at work.

Check Your Wardrobe

The colour combinations you wear can have a major impact on the way you’re viewed at the office. Some colours can make you appear more approachable and friendly to your employees. Other colours can indicate power or even evoke negative emotions in your employees. You want to be sure to choose attire that helps your employees feel safe and comfortable talking to you while also indicating that you have their backs and support them. While you don’t necessarily need to take it into account every time you get dressed, it’s a good idea to keep colour psychology in mind when choosing your wardrobe and purchasing new clothes.

Using the power of colour psychology in the workplace can help make your work environment more effective and efficient. If you’re struggling to decide on a colour combination that works best for your business and your employees, give our team a call for a free, no obligation colour consultation and estimate today.

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