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10 Best Shades of Grey

Unequivocally, grey is a perfect backdrop for any kind of style, be it modern, Italian, classic, Oriental, French, or contemporary. And since it blends well with a majority of undertones, it makes sense to explore multiple combos, and who knows, you might come across a perfect blend of well-balanced accents. So to help you get a feel of what can work with grey, we have discussed some of the finest shades of grey below, have a peek if you want:

Light Grey

A cold colour with the subtle shade that sends the vibes of openness throughout the space, especially if it’s small.

Light grey is one of the most popular colours that you will frequently come across in both residential and commercial settings, mainly because of its inviting feel that makes visitors feel welcomed.

We recommend that you opt for a light silvery-grey sheen for a more interesting, inviting, and unique atmosphere in places such as living rooms or dining rooms.

Deep Grey

Simple yet so complex, the deep grey shade has a more subdued and elegant feel than light grey. Places, where you need to go for your “me” time such as study, bedroom or man cave, would rock this colour.

If you want to use it in less isolated settings, then it can perfectly be contrasted with bright colours such as lime green, cranberry red, or light yellow.

You can also experiment combining different deep shades of grey together for a more complex layered effect in your space.

Greige Shade

The combination of grey with a beige undertone begets Greige, which is warm and welcoming. Greige is mostly used in workplaces because its warmth creates a fun working environment.

However, it also has a comforting sense, which means it can be used in environments where coziness is desired, such as a lounge or even kitchen.

Furthermore, if Greige is coupled with bold accents like grassy green, burnt orange, or vivid yellow, it can create some excellent colour schemes.

Green Grey

If you are looking for something casual within the horizon of grey, you might want to try out grey with a green undertone.

It is one of the most neutral shades in the grey family that adds a casual elegance to space. Furthermore, this combination works perfectly with a wide range of wood tones.

Purple Grey

Nothing can beat the combination of grey with purple undertone when it comes to creating a soothing and relaxing ambiance in the office space.

The shade can add a sweet twist to your space without making it seem too feminine, making both your team and customers feel calm.

However, we suggest that you don’t use purple based grey with red or orange accents as it can result in a totally conflicting scheme.

Blue Grey

A room with a lot of sun exposure needs a cold colour scheme to cool off, and by combining grey with a blue undertone, you can do just that even if your room is directly under the sun.

You can also combine this shade with bold accents or warm colours to create a well-balanced scheme. For instance, wall art in your office with warm colours will perfectly complement the blue-grey shade.

However, we would suggest that you do not use this combination in rooms where there is little or no sunlight, such as north-facing rooms.

Blue-Green Grey

Who says that grey can only be combined with one undertone? If the colours perfectly sit together, you can have a shade of grey with multiple accents as well.

This combination of blue-grey shade with green undertone will draw the warm qualities of green while enhancing the crispness of blue.

Since blue has a cool feel and green has a warmer sense, they will create a perfect blend of softness and warmth.

Red Grey

Combining red undertone with grey means a warmer scheme. Though coupling red with gray might appear a little pink, lighting can change how the shade appear.

Under the influence of fluorescent or daylight, this combo can appear pink while the incandescent bulbs or warm lighting can suppress the pink pigment.

Overall, if you are eyeing for something with ‘sweet’ kind of warm, you might want to explore this combination of grey with a red undertone.


If you need something warm and brighter than the previously discussed shade, then the combination of grey with yellow undertone is just perfect.

The combination is perfect for offices where innovation and creativity are the main focus due to its warm and bright accents.

As for homes, it will function great in minimally lit areas such as north-facing rooms due to its upbeat and comfy feel.

Read-Yellow Grey

Another shade of grey with multiple undertones; this combination is best for someone looking for depth and warmth.

It’s perfect for both residential and commercial settings that want the grey to dominate the space as it only teases the red undertone.

Since east-facing rooms turn bluer after noon, you will need something with a touch of warmth, which is why this combination is perfect for such places.

Over to You

The hue of grey you opt for will also be influenced by the existing items in your space, such as an art piece, the furniture, and so on. So before locking in on any one shade, it is best to first check it if it’s going to sit well with the existing decor and feel of your room. This will help you get the maximum value out of the paint job for your space.

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