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4 Practical Tips for Choosing Ceiling Colours

Ceiling is the most essential part of the room when it comes to paint because a wrong colour can make your space look boxed up, bring attention to its imperfections or take focus away from the highlights of the room. So to ensure that you get the right combination of the colour for your ceiling with respect to the rest of your room then you need to give this guide a thorough read. 

Going for the Same Colour as Walls:

One of the bestand most practical ways to approach your ceiling painting project is by going for the same colour as the walls of the room. There are different ways to do this depending on the size of your space. If the room is small, going with a darker colour scheme will make the whole space appear seamless and rich. However, if you want the space to feel bigger than it actually is, consider going for a lighter colour tone.

If you are painting a large room, such as a hall or the living room, then you can unify the space with the help of the same ceiling and wall colour. The décor and furniture can be of different colour and with the same colour scheme of walls and ceilings, the focus will be on these items. Same colour also helps simplify angled or asymmetrical ceilings. 

Going for the Darker Tone:

If you want to have a little contrast between the walls and the ceiling then go for the darker tone for your ceiling. When going for this method, it is imperative that you use the hue of that’s only 2-3 shares darker than the room’s walls. This will provide the whole space with a sophisticated and polished look. 

Usually, when you are painting the ceilings a bit darker than the walls then know that it will make the room appear cozier and intimate. Dark colour presents an appearance of low ceilings which can be excellent for rooms that have higher ceilings. 

Dark colour is also good for making the ceiling’s decorations appear more in focus. Any room with white walls is automatically a good candidate for dark ceilings. 

Going for Lighter Tone:

In contrast to the last point, you can opt for a lighter tone for the ceiling as well. However, for this to happen, the wall colour needs to be light. Furthermore, it will make a small room appear bigger and more welcoming. 

Painting the room’s ceiling with light colour also blends the angled or asymmetrical features of your ceiling with the wall and provide it with a seamless appearance.

Going for Plain White:

Even with hundreds of colour choices, you sometimes want to keep things a bit more minimalistic. This is where the white colour truly shines. You should go with the white colour if the rest of your space is:

  • Filled with upbeat colours. If the room has a lot of bright coloured furniture and décor items then painting the ceiling white is the best thing to do. This is because the white colour will bring the focus to the decoration and upholstery and will blend greatly with the rest of the room.
  • You are painting the primary living area. While the light or dark colours can create a charming and sophisticated appearance in certain spaces, there are instances when going with white is simply the right choice. This is true, especially if you are painting your main living places such as kitchen or family rooms. If you want simplicity, then going with white is the right thing to do. 
  • Your ceiling is imperfect. If your ceiling has areas with visible imperfections or outdated textures then you can go for white colour. A flat, white colour will disguise any bumps or lumps your ceiling has. However, if you go with any other colour, it can actually bring attention to the imperfections, which you don’t want. 
  • Your room doesn’t get sunlight. Rooms that don’t get any natural light appear darker. This is the reason why white colour is necessary as it will reflect the light to every corner of the room and lighting up the space. 

White colour has been considered as the king for decades when it comes to painting ceilings and it still hasn’t lost its crown. You can count on the white colour to cover oil, smoke or other stains and brighten up your whole space.

Final Words:

Ceilings are the most ignored part of the room, maybe because we don’t interact with them much. Whatever the case may be, you need to get the right kind of colour with respect to the walls, décor and furniture of the space. If you keep these things in and select the colour that goes well with them, only then your whole space will pop.

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