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5 Office Wall Colours to Improve Productivity

Colour can enrich our lives, impact our moods and impact the way we think. As a result, choosing a new paint colour for your office can be a difficult decision to make as it impacts employee productivity, and ultimately, company revenue. When you’re looking to update the walls of your office, here are 5 great colour options that you will want to consider to improve employee productivity and keep everyone happy.

How Does Colour Impact Productivity?

You may not have thought about how the colour you choose for your office can affect employee productivity, but there is a science behind that. Psychology of colour is something that is being readily explored. Since we all come from different backgrounds and have different experiences and views, colours can impact everyone differently.

When you are choosing a paint colour for your office, you have to think about your brand. Incorporating your brand into the overall office space is important for productivity levels, but also employee morale and office culture.

It’s important to ask yourself what type of feeling you hope the colour you choose will imply on others. You then want to find a colour palette that will match and compliment your main brand colour. Once you’ve got the basics figured out, you can then start incorporating your brand in a more textural and subtle way for your employees.


Red is known for adding energy to a room by reminding people of vibrancy and enhancing the environment. Red has the potential to increase blood flow and boost your heart rate, making people feel more awake and ready to tackle the day.

Be careful not to go overboard on red as it can also contribute to increased aggression, heightened appetite and hostility, so it is best used as an accent colour.


When you think of the colour green, most people associate it with fresh air, luck, or growth. For an office space, green can be inspirational by helping feed passion and creativity for certain types of work. Choosing a softer shade of green may also provide a calming effect, helping to reduce anxiety.


Blue is a very popular colour choice for a number of different reasons, but it is an excellent choice for productivity purposes. Blue can help you remain calm or increase excitement depending on what shade you choose. It’s important to balance blue with warmer tones to ensure it doesn’t become associated with sadness or being cold.


By itself, white can be viewed as “clinical” and has been shown to make people more prone to errors, making it best used as an accent colour. White tends to provide a very modern and clean appearance. Using it with other colours can help make brighter colours less abrasive and add a softness that other colours cannot provide on their own.


Yellow is associated with happiness and sunshine, and as a result helps to increase creativity. As an interior office paint colour, it can be a risky choice as some people really love yellow, and others really hate it.

Like other colours, it can induce anxiety and make people more prone to frustration, so be sure to select the right hue when selecting a shade of yellow for your office walls.

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