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6 Calming Colour Choices for a Relaxing Space

Numerous studies have shown that our mind and body react different to different colour choices. Bright colours energize us, but stark colours can lead to anxiety. It’s essential to ensure your interior paint is calming to help promote relaxation after a stressful work day. It you’re looking to revamp your interior with new paint, be sure to select a relaxing colour palette that you can enjoy for years to come. Here are our top choices for calming paint colours to promote relaxation in your home:


There’s a reason why some of the most successful websites in the world, such as Facebook and LinkedIn use blue for their colour palette. Blue is a relaxing and welcoming choice for businesses and home interiors. This colour choice helps to calm an overactive mind. But, not all blues are created equally. Opt for a soft or neutral blue tones to maximize its benefits.


Violet is another calming paint colour that works well in many home interiors. Violet features a blue base which helps to amplify its calming effects. Violet helps to promote inner peace through soft violet or lilac tones and helps your home stand out.


Pink isn’t generally the first colour that comes to mind when you think of relaxing colours, but it may surprise you. If you’re looking to bring calm and peace to your home’s interior, a soft pastel pink may be the colour you’re looking for. We recommend not choosing brighter shades of pink or pinks with too many red base tones to avoid it being overstimulating.


Grey used to be an overlooked colour as it was assumed to be boring and dull, but in recent years, we’re seeing a significant rise in grey paint trends. Choosing the right grey can create a relaxing colour palette, and when paired with contrasting decor colours, it an be quite enticing. If you’re looking to utilize grey for your next interior painting, we recommend using neutral, lighter shades of grey.


Have you ever noticed that most luxury cars have a beige coloured interior? That wasn’t done by mistake. Beige is both calming and speaks luxury. A beige palette for your home’s interior is an excellent choice if you don’t want to experiment with colour combinations and are looking to take a minimalistic approach.


Green is a colour often associated with nature, so it tends to be comforting and soothing. That’s why you often see greens associated with places offering relaxation such as parks, forest, and some spas. The best part about green colours is how calming they can be. If you’re looking to explore green for your next interior paint colour, we recommend sticking to neutral shades that help reduce stress.

When it’s time to transform your home and refresh your interior painting, these colour palettes can help you transform your home into your own personal oasis of relaxation. If you’re unsure of which colour palette best suits your needs and would work well for your home, get in touch with our team at ProRise Painting for a free estimate and consultation. Our colour consultation experts can help you determine the best colour palette for your home and your unique lifestyle.

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