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6 Signs It’s Time To Paint Your Home’s Exterior

Maintain your home should always include keeping a watchful eye on the paint on the exterior of your home. While many homeowners assume that the paint on their home’s exterior is purely for aesthetic purposes, it actually is a valuable form of protection for your home. If you allow your exterior paint to fade, crack or peel, you’re risking your home’s structural stability and could even lead to health issues for you and your family down the road.

Exterior painting will not only protect your home’s structural integrity, but increase the value of what is like your most valuable asset. If you think your home’s exterior is due for a repaint but you’re not sure where to start, the Professional Exterior Painting Team at ProRise Painting has prepared this handy guide to help you identify the signs to look for when its time to get painting.

Wear & Tear

Are you noticing your home’s exterior paint start to peel, bubble or crack? There are classic signs of wear and tear on your exterior paint and it’s a good time to start thinking about that new paint job.

Peeling, bubbling or cracking paint indicates that your paint is starting to lose its adhesive properties, leaving your home exposed to the elements.

Fading Paint

Fading paint is not as urgent as peeling, bubbling or cracking paint, but it does make your home look less appealing. Fading is an unavoidable part of exterior painting that is the result of your home’s exterior taking a beating from years of harsh sunlight. If you notice fading paint, get in touch with a professional painter to explore your options further.

Selling Your Home

Most realtors will advise you to put a fresh coat of paint on your home – inside and out – before you list it on the market. A major part of selling your home is making that lasting first impression on a prospective buyer, and painting is a cost-effective way to immediately enhance your home’s curb appeal. If you’re getting ready to sell your home, get in touch with us about our pre-sale painting services to help your home stand out from the crowd.

Gaps & Shrinking

Depending on the material, you may start to notice gaps appearing between door and window frames around your home. These gaps mean that moisture is likely seeping into your home’s framing, which should be reviewed by a professional as soon as possible. Moisture is an enemy to any home, and if you see these gaps starting to form, it’s time to address them.

Once the issue has been addressed and cleared, it’s best to begin exterior painting immediately after you’ve confirmed that there are no underlying problems to help protect your home from excess moisture.

The Caulking is Cracking

Caulking is an essential step in waterproofing your home. This special sealant is used along the edges of windows, doors and walls. As caulking ages, it loses its elastic properties, dries out and started to crack and fall apart, leaving your home exposed to many potential damages.

If you notice any caulking that is cracking or falling off, be sure to replace your caulking immediately and then paint over it for added protection. Paintable caulking leaves a very nice end result on your home’s exterior.

Taking a proactive approach can help to ensure your home is protected against the elements and looks great all year long. Taking these exterior painting precautions now could save you thousands of dollars down the road in unnecessary repairs. As a general rule, you should paint your home’s exterior every 5-10 years. At ProRise Painting, we stand behind our work and offer an industry-leading Warranty on All Exterior Painting Projects.

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