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Best Exterior Paint Colours for Commercial Buildings

First impressions are everything. Whether it be personal or professional, the first impression someone has of you or your business helps to shape the way they’ll always feel about it. A bad first impression is not only difficult to recover from, but can potentially cost you money.

Exterior paint colours of your business are important. When people pull up to your building, they make many decisions. A lacklustre paint job that doesn’t match the tone or brand of your business will almost certainly have an effect on a customer’s purchasing decisions.

Company logos aren’t random in their colour selection. They’re produced to give the customer a sense of professionalism, friendliness, trustworthiness and more. The same care should be put into how your business – the building itself – physically looks.

Selecting the right exterior colour isn’t the most difficult thing to do, but it does need to be done right. The colour for your commercial exterior paint should be dependent on what your business is and the general aesthetic you’re trying to present.

What are the Best Exterior Paint Colours for Commercial Buildings?

The best exterior paint colours for commercial buildings can vary depending on the type of business you have. Different colours will produce different feelings for individuals, and different colours can affect the brain, emotions and decision making.

Colour psychology isn’t a well-studied topic and it’s hard to gather concrete data, but that doesn’t mean the findings that exist are wrong, rather they tend to be more generalized. Choosing the right colour based on colour psychology can definitely help your business flourish.


Red is the most dominant colour to the human eye. It pulls focus from all other colours and produces strong feelings of excitement, strength and confidence. Red can also be perceived as aggressive. Red will grab attention, but sometimes it can grab too much attention.


In the marketing world, blue is often seen as professional and trustworthy. Think about banks – how many of them have the colour blue in their logos? This is because blue has been found to produce feelings of trust and dependability. If these are in line withe the views of your business, blue is a great colour choice for your commercial exterior paint.


Green is the colour of nature and wellness. Very few negative emotions are associated with the colour green. Green can produce feelings of growth and serenity. Most often found in nature-based companies, green is an excellent choice for any business trying to promote health, relaxation and wellness.


Orange is one of the most exciting colours. It’s vibrant and really catches your eye. Orange is linked to motivation and enthusiasm. In marketing, orange is used to represent youth, playfulness and energy.


Yellow is a friendly colour that represents happiness and optimism, when used in small doses. When too much yellow is used, it can lead to feelings of anxiety or fear. Yellow grabs attention well with it’s bright, eye-catching tones. If you associate your business with happiness, a hint of yellow is always a good choice.


While less visually stimulating, brown is a great option for exterior paint. Brown represents structure and safety, but it can be a bit on the boring side and may be perceived as too reserved.


Black is the colour associated with seriousness and sophistication. Black is among the most professional of colours. It is a very strong colour, and too much black can be seen as melancholy or even evil. You don’t want to paint your whole building jet black as it could drive customers away.


White can represent purity, innocence and cleanliness. White is a great choice for businesses who want to remain professional and seem open to the public. Be careful with white however, as too much white can invoke feelings of isolation and loneliness.

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