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Best Paint Colours for a Small Bathroom

Wondering which type of colour scheme you should choose for your small bathroom? Maybe you
are confused between darker and lighter tones? Well we will make things pretty simple for you by
suggesting 8 best paint colours for small bathrooms that will make your space pop. So with that said,
let’s get started:

Black & Silver

If you want to go for more of a dramatic look with a hint of sophistication, then the combination of black and silver is what you need. You can colour the walls black except the one behind the sink. Do a backsplash of mosaic tile in shimmery silver colour. Plus, you can add some hanging bulbs near the sink with covers having silver designing like silver stripes to make the place pop. 

White and Grey:

Your powder room can never go wrong with a combination of white and grey. For the walls, keep the wainscot white, while the upper half should be painted in grey colour. Furthermore, you can have white flooring with grey borders to complete the colouring set up. For the grey colour, you can try out the Dior Grey, particularly from Benjamin Moore. 


If you want something neutral in your bathroom, try going with taupe. It will give your space with a warmth that only a few colours can. The classic, gorgeous brown colour with a hint of grey can provide your place with a blend of a modern and vintage look. You can choose from different variations of the taupe with each having a slightly different feel. If you go for the grey version, its more towards the moodier and modern style. However, the brown heavy variant has a more earthly appearance. 

Upbeat White:

If you are a fan of minimalism with style then painting your bathroom with bright white colour can never go wrong. Everything, ranging from the backsplash to ceiling, and walls should be white. You can break the look at some points by adding a different coloured door, and placing a plant with dark coloured pot etc. If it still feels too white for your taste, you can add some light wood tones in the form of shelves, base cabinets or hanging light fixtures. 

Light Blue:

Imagine the sense of calmness that you get when you look up the sky during the evening of autumn when things are going from a bit hot towards balmy. Can you see the cool, inviting and soothing sky? This is the kind of colour we are talking about. When you go in that bathtub to wash away all the tensions and stresses of the day, you should feel completely relaxed. The soothing sky blue color of your bathroom will help you with this. Use the light blue colour on upper region of the wall while the wainscot and flooring can be white. This will give you a feeling of having a sky with small white fluffy clouds in your bathroom.  

Warm White:

If you don’t want to go for the upbeat, sharp white like we talked about above, then try picturing your bathroom in a creamy white scheme. A colder and darker place with very small entrance of natural light could use some warmth, which the creamy white colour can provide. You can go with something like the combination of white with light pink, or laminate to make your space feel inviting and classic. 

Earthy Brown:

Want to be a bit close to the nature when you are relaxing in your bathtub? Well then why not paint the whole space with brown? Irrespective of the share, it creates a very earthy look. Whether you want to go with the dark chocolate brown or the medium toned tree-trunk brown, you can make your place feel light and relaxed; just like a spa. You can also use a softer share of light brown to work as a backdrop while your featured accents can be soft blue or cream beige. 

Vibrant Green:

This colour is similar to the share of green you see on a pistachio. Green always feels light on the eyes and makes you feel closer to the nature. It can energize the room without being too much in your face so that you feel energetic after a few minutes relaxation in the bath. The pistachio colour goes well with the white tones for a sophisticated bathroom look. However, you can tone it down a little by pairing it with brown or natural wood colour to create an earthly vibe. 

Final Words:

Getting your bathroom colour scheme just right is the most essential part of the renovation because the walls and the plasters will hide behind the paint. It is the colour scheme that you will be seeing for years. So make sure to select the colours very carefully; you can also get help from an expert painting company. They can guide you how a particular colour scheme from the catalogue will look in your bathroom space. 

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