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Boost Curb Appeal With A Fresh Front Door

Having your front door painted not only adds curb appeal, it brings colour, increased home value and a view of your home’s personality. People get a first impression of your home and how beautiful it will look on the inside. With the wide range of finishes available, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish with door paint.

If you’re stuck on a colour for your front door, here are some of our top choices for door colours that will help your house stand out from the rest of the neighbourhood.


Just like a little black dress, a black front door will fit with any home style and never look bad. It goes well with houses in any climate. If putting a direct coat of black on your door isn’t your cup of tea, you can also go with a stain that will emphasize the material of the door itself.

Before jumping into painting your door black, take a look around the rest of your neighbourhood. Because black is a bold colour, there is a chance it can be too much if you don’t factor in how it will look with the rest of your exterior.


If you’re looking for exterior paint that provides a modern, clean look, grey is a great choice. Grey is a neutral colour that will add to curb appeal and stand the test of time no matter how you choose to renovate in the future.

Any shade of grey will look great and increase the value of your home. You can try using a monochrome colour scheme to add intrigue and interest to your home such as using a darker grey paired with a light grey painted home for a sleek visual effect.


Painting your front door a yellow shade will look beautiful, especially against a home that has cedar siding or a warm brown tone for the exterior. Because of the natural colour, it will help make your home feel more like part of the landscape of your area.

Yellow will bring out warmth, happiness and friendliness to anyone who sees it. Your yellow door will become a statement piece while making your exterior feel contemporary and full of personality.


Sometimes you need to think a bit differently to help your home stand out, other times it’s best to stick with the classics. A red front door is the most popular colour to paint a front door. It’s a classic colour that immediately makes your home stand out and fits most home styles. It works especially well with houses that are lighter in colour.


Blue is a very welcoming colour that can work beautifully and fit with all types of nature. A dark blue or navy coloured door will make your home appear more tranquil, peaceful and elegant, while a lighter blue will make your exterior appear more fun.

Blue can work well with homes painted white, beige or tan as well as with wood and brick elements around it. No matter what shade of blue you choose, everyone will be impressed.

Maximize Your Curb Appeal

Choosing the right front door colour for your home isn’t an easy task. Next time you’re thinking of painting your front door, opt for a colour that will match your home and your personality as closely as possible. When in doubt, get in touch with Prorise Painting to learn more about our exterior painting process and the difference quality can make for your home.

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