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Can You Paint Vinyl Siding?

The big question of today is, can you paint vinyl sidings? Well, the short answer is YES, you can. However, there has been a debate going on over the internet where some people say it is better to paint it while some say getting a new one is a more viable option. To help you make this decision by yourself, we will layout the argument on the table and let you decide what works for you the best, so let’s start:

Things to Consider before Painting Vinyl Siding

Will It Stick?

The first and foremost question to ask is that will the new paint stick to the old vinyl siding? Years ago, the answer to it would have been ‘No.’ This is because the contraction and expansion in vinyl make it challenging for the paint to stick.  

However, with the advancements in the painting industry, things have changed drastically. Now you can get the paints that will stick to the siding allowing you to give your home a much-needed makeover. We suggest you go with the latex urethane paint that has the ability to flex with the siding.

There are several companies that make specially formulated paint for the very task. We suggest you explore different paint companies and go with the one that offers the paint specifically for vinyl sidings.

Warranty of Siding:

Most of the manufacturers of vinyl sidings do not accept the warranty if the siding is painted even if you have just purchased it. So make sure to check the warranty terms of the specific vinyl siding you are using for your home and see if painting it voids it or not. You can also contact the manufacturer to ask this directly.

However, if your siding is old and has lived out its warranty period then painting it should not be a problem concerning the warranty. So in this case, you be better off painting the siding instead of buying a new one which will cost you a lot more.

Note: You may want to check with the insurance agency protecting your home as well because if god forbid, any damages occur to your property, painted vinyl sidings might not be covered in the insurance policy.

Cost of Both:

Now that we are out of the warranty confusion let’s talk some numbers. So if you are going for the painting route, then you might have to spend anywhere between £500 and £2,800 to paint your vinyl sidings as stated by Home advisor.

If you want to save some quid then you can do the project by yourself as well. However, you will have to have some past painting experience because if you do it wrong, your expensive vinyl siding and paint job can turn out terrible. As for the price of a new vinyl siding, it can set you back between £4,000 and £15,000, according to Graded Tradesmen.

Though this is more than double the amount for painting the vinyl siding, you need to remember that new siding can last up to 30 years or even more if maintained well, while the paint job needs to be done every five years. So you need to make the decision wisely.

Consider Underlying Issues:

The siding serves as a line of defense between the home and harmful outdoor elements like sunlight, dust, and rain, etc. but these things can still penetrate that barrier. So if your siding has been there for several years, you won’t know what might be going on behind the scenes.

There can be mold, bacteria, or even pests living inside. So when a new vinyl siding is installed, professional contractors usually inspect the base of the exterior for these things and treat them before installing the new one.

However, when you are painting the siding, you don’t know the condition behind that siding. We are not trying to discourage your spirit to paint your sidings. We are just stating that if the siding is very old like more than 15 or 20 years, for instance, then you might want to take this factor into account to avoid damaging the home structure in the long run.

Selection of Paint Colour:

If you go for the painting route, make sure to select that colour that is well-suited and matches with the current colour scheme of the siding. If you use a too dark colour, it can cause the lighter siding colour underneath to warp. Therefore, we recommend that you use either similar colour or lighter than the current one.

However, if you go for a new vinyl siding, you can have thousands of colour choices to select from, as you will not be bound to paint the same or lighter colour anymore. Indeed, with higher costs, come greater benefits.

Final Words:

Well, now that we know the good and bad of painting your vinyl siding, you can make a well-informed decision. It is possible to paint your home’s vinyl siding because some modern paints are made for this specific purpose. We suggest that you take your time, weigh the pros and cons of painting it versus getting a new one, and then make a decision.

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