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Choosing an Accent Wall and Paint Colour

Want to divert focus of your room to a single wall? Maybe you want to play with the dimensions of your room by choosing colours that make it bigger or smaller? Well whether you want to spruce up the décor or just manipulate the size of your room, an accent wall is a perfect way to doing so. We will help you choose an accent wall and also a viable colour for it in this guide. So make sure to read it till the end.

What is an Accent Wall?

A wall that has a different design from other walls in a room is known as an Accent wall. The colour of the accent wall can be different from the colour of other walls in a room.

Or, it can have an entirely different design or material from other walls. The gist is that an accent wall stands out from the rest of the walls.

How to Choose an Accent Wall

There are several ways for selecting an accent wall and we mostly focus on the one that creates a better focal point. For instance, the wall behind the headboard in your bedroom can be a better choice for an accent wall. Here are some tips to help you decide the accent wall in your room:

  • Find a Unique and Unobstructed Wall: By unique, we mean the one that stands out from other walls in the room. This can be the wall that your eye is naturally drawn to when you enter the room. Furthermore, go for the wall that doesn’t have any obstructions. This means that a wall that is free from large pieces of furniture like a wardrobe or dressing table. It should stand alone and be visible and noticeable.
  • Wall Should be Solid: Accent walls look their best when they don’t have anything taken out of them. This means there should not be any windows or doors in them. You may want to put your large, beautiful French doors or some mirror windows in them for a better view but most of the time, these things will distract the attention from the wall. Furthermore, the light coming in from the window will only make the accent wall darker and invisible in the daytime.
  • Go Farthest in Long Rooms: if you have a long room like a dining hall or maybe a very long lounge, then you should go for the farthest and shortest wall. The accent colour will put focus on it and make it appear closer than it actually is. This will visually correct the room’s shape and make the room appear more balanced.
  • It Should Be Balanced: The wall should not be too busy or too bare after you add colour to it. If it is too visible, it will make the colour pop too much, and make the room feel unbalanced. And if it is too busy like having obstructions, or décor pieces, then the overall persona can hide behind them making the room unbalanced. So only put something in front of the wall that doesn’t cause visual obstruction like a small chair and table.

How to Choose a Colour for an Accent Wall

Once you have found that perfect candidate to be your accent wall, it is time that you pick a suitable colour for it. Choosing the colour for your accent wall is easier when you a few practical tricks. So let’s discuss some of them below:

  • Explore Warm Colours: Colours like yellow, red and orange make your space appear cosier because they make the wall pull towards your eyes. If your bedroom or any other room for that matter is a bit longer, a warm colour on the accent wall will make it balanced.
  • Experiment with Cool Colours: Colours like purple, blue and green will make a small room look larger because as oppose to the warmer colours, cooler ones pull the wall away. So if the room is a bit smaller and you want it to open up a bit, go for the cooler colours.

You can also experiment with darker and lighter colours depending on the overall colour tone of your room and that will help you finally give your room a well-balanced look with more focus on the accent wall.

Over to You

We suggest that you take your time in finding an accent wall and once you do it, experiment with different colours and visualize them on your wall. Take the colour of other walls into account so that the accent wall fit perfectly with them.

You can get a colour palette from the painting company to get help in visualization. Or, you can get opinion of painter, they do this several times a day so you will be getting an expert advice.

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