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Choosing Paint for your Rental Property

Making your rental property look appealing helps to rent it out faster, and also at a higher price point. But how do you make your property look desirable to potential tenants?

While there are many things you could upgrade to enhance your property, giving it a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference. It can turn a dull room into a soothing environment and drastically improve curb appeal.

When it comes to painting, selecting the right colour is crucial. You should choose a colour that appeals to the largest market of potential tenants. Unfortunately, this tends to be one area that landlords fail to execute properly.

Today, we’ll share with you 5 of our top tips for choosing the best paint for your rental property.

1. Avoid Choosing Colours that are Too Bold

There’s noting wrong with painting with bolder colours as long as it’s your own home. When it comes to the rental business, you want to avoid bold colours at all costs.

Bright paint colours tend to be a turn off to many potential tenants. They are very taste-specific and may not be viewed well by a potential renter and match their personal decor style. In other words, people tend to either love bold colours or hate them, and thats a chance you don’t want to take as a landlord.

2. Opt for Neutral Colours

Neutral colours are a safe choice for rental properties since they are easier to decorate around and less distracting than brighter or louder colours. for this reason, they generally appeal to a wider audience of potential renters. Examples of neutral colours include white, grey, ivory, taupe and beige.

While neutral colours are a safer bet for rental properties, they still need to be used correctly. Having purely white walls can turn off tenants who wish for something interesting and may require more frequent cleaning.

Real estate experts usually recommend creams, tans and greys for income properties. It’s typically better to opt for light colours for the most part and slightly darker ones for areas like the bathroom. You can also use darker neutrals such as navy blue and charcoal grey on accent walls to make a statement in rooms other than the main living areas.

3. Use High-Quality Paints

Purchasing high quality paints does have a higher initial cost, which is why many landlords opt for cheaper quality paints, but higher quality paints are a great investment in the long run. By buying high quality pain, you not only help reduce maintenance costs, but you’ll also achieve far better, longer lasting results.

4. Use Washable Paint at a Medium Gloss

In case you needed another reason to avoid stark white walls, they simply do a bad job at hiding dirt. When you have tenants with children or pets, stark white walls can add to your maintenance costs.

Because lighter shades tend to show every speck of dirt, they generally need regular repainting to hide blemishes. To avoid this, be sure to focus on shades that do a better job at hiding dirt. Washable paint helps make these blemishes less visible and is relatively easy to clean when it does get dirty.

5. Hire a Professional Painter

Regardless of your experience level, it’s always a good idea to consider hiring a professional painting company for several reasons.

A good painting company can offer expert guidance and save you time as well as the hassle of prepping your surface and cleaning up afterward, not to mention the high-quality finish.

A painting project is an investment, and as such, you should make a point of doing your research on the best painting company in your area. Qualify each prospect in terms of experience, licensing, insurance, costs, guarantees and warranties.

Part of being a great landlord is keeping your property in top shape, which may mean refreshing the look every once in a while. Getting the process right from the beginning can help you to avoid many of the common mistakes some landlords make.

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