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How to Find Professional Painters in Vancouver

When it comes to painting your home, many people opt for the DIY route, but realize it’s a lot harder than it first appears to do a professional job, plus, painting is hard work! Professional painters have the tools, experience and skills to do the job both efficiently and effectively. Once you’ve made the decision to hire a professional painter, there are a few things to look for to ensure you’re hiring the best company for the job.

Ask For Referrals

There’s no better way to know a painter will do a high quality job and be dependable than to hire one who is recommended by someone you know and trust. Ask your friends and family if they’ve hired a painter and who they used. You can see their work first hand and hear about their experience with the company. You can also avoid hiring a painting company in Vancouver who may not have done a high quality job.

Search Online

Professional painters know they need to market themselves to show their work. Do a search for a painter and get specific to the area where you live. Search for “painting companies in Vancouver” to find local painters in your area.

Once you’ve received the search results back, check out their websites and look around. You can learn how a painting company in Vancouver will approach their work by checking out their websites. Be sure to take a look at their photo gallery of past projects and get a feel for their quality, as well as their blog. A reputable painting company should always have a blog with advice and articles on how a proper painting project should be done.

Read Reviews

When you do a search for painting companies, be sure to look at sites that allow users to leave reviews. Even though you may not know those people personally, their reviews can be valuable insight into the painting company you are considering hiring.

Read the feedback they left about their experience. If people are happy with the work, they will want to share their experience.

When reading reviews, don’t put too much weight on one or two negative reviews out of hundreds of positive reviews. Look for a pattern of information from others about the company to help you make a decision.

Some of the best sites for reviews are: Google, Homestars and Facebook. These sites allow users to leave real reviews and requires verification before a user can leave a review, so you’ll know that any review is a legitimate one.

Get Estimates

Now that you’ve narrowed your search down to a short list of candidates, start to get some estimates. Most painting companies will provide a free, written estimate. Be sure to ask what the estimate includes and ensure items like prep work and cleanup are included on your estimate.

Ask Questions

Always be prepared with some questions you want answered when you meet with your painter for an estimate. Some questions that are helpful to ask include:

  • Is the paint included in the estimate?
  • How many people will be working on the job?
  • How do you screen your employees?
  • How will we communicate during the job?
  • How do you establish a timeframe for the job?
  • Will you be responsible for cleanup after the project?


One of the most important factors when hiring a painting company in Vancouver is requesting proof of insurance. Insurance not only protects your home from any damages, but also protects the painting company’s employees in the event of an accident while they’re working on your property. The painting company’s insurance will ensure you aren’t personally liable for any injuries during the project.

Always Have a Contract

After going through these steps, hopefully you’ve found a painter that will be a great fit for you. One factor that should always be a part of any home renovation project is a contract. A contract will specifically outline the responsibilities of the painting company, and you as the homeowner. It will outline what is required by each party, and provides you with proof of what is to be done during your project in the event of any issues. A good contract should outline how the painting company expects to be paid to the project and when, a list of materials, a timeline for completing the work, and a satisfaction guarantee for the work.

Professional Painters in Vancouver

Now that you know what steps to take to find a painting company in Vancouver, all you need to do is choose the best fit for you.

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