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Common Signs of Drywall Damage

Drywall damage should never be taken lightly, especially if it’s caused by water damage. Water damage to drywall can lead to numerous health problems if it’s not remedied quickly. Exposure to water damaged drywall can bring a number of dangers into your home including mould, mildew, and structural damage.

To keep your family safe and sound from the dangers that water-damaged drywall can bring into your home, you need to know the signs to look for to detect it and resolve it as quickly as possible. Once you detect any of these signs, call a professional to perform the drywall repair as soon as possible.

A Musty Smell

One of the earliest and more easy to detect signs (as well as one of the most unpleasant) is the presence of a musty odour in the affected area. These smells may be a sign of a bigger problem as they often indicate the presence of mould.

If you detect a musty smell in certain areas of your home, it’s likely that there has been water damage to the drywall. To avoid the health hazards that this exposure can create, call a professional to repair the drywall and remove the mould.

Drywall that Feels Wet to the Touch

In the early stages of water damage to drywall, you may not notice the musty smells, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any issues present. One of the easiest ways to determine if you have a problem is to simply touch the drywall itself.

Naturally, if you drywall has any water damage, it’s going to feel wet and mushy when you touch it. If your drywall feels this way, then you’re likely well on your way to dealing with future issues of mould and rot, so be sure to call in a professional as soon as possible.

Bulging or Sagging

Some times your water-damaged drywall will prevent odours from being noticed and instead will simply bulge or sag. At this point, your drywall’s damage is likely in more advanced stages. You’ll need to call in a professional drywall repair company that will remove the affected areas and the dangers that they can present.

When water damaged drywall becomes noticed, you need to act quickly to rectify the problem before the damage gets worse and the repairs become more costly. Always look for an experienced professional drywall company. If you’re in the Greater Vancouver Area, get in touch with our team at Prorise Painting. Our drywall repair team works in tandem with our painting team to fix the drywall, eliminate any mould or mildew problems, and repaint the area making it look like it never even happened.

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