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How Interior Paint Colours Affect Your Mood

While you’re looking at different colour swatches, you’re probably wondering how a specific shade will look in your home. Even though you want to choose a paint colour that looks great, you also want to consider how the colour makes you feel. It may not be overly obvious but the way you feel in your home is largely influenced by your colour selection., To help you make the best decision for your interior painting project, continue reading to learn more about how certain interior paint colours can affect your mood.

What is Colour Psychology

Many people don’t think about paint colours very often, even though it’s something that impacts us daily. Did you know that certain shades and hues can have a dramatic effect on your mood and thoughts? It can also affect you in different ways depending on factors like your age, gender,  ethnic background and climate. In fact, the way a certain colour makes you feel is a product of how you were raised and the culture you grew up in. For example, white is a sign of purity and innocence in western culture, but it’s seen as a colour of mourning in eastern countries. Since specific colours tend to receive a common reaction from people, it’s important to choose them wisely when decorating and designing.


Red is an intense, warm colour, stimulating both your body and mind to increase circulation. It’s been proven to raise the room’s energy levels and evoke feelings of love, passion, anger and power. This colour works best for dining rooms, living rooms and entryways.


Orange is an energetic colour that is said to heal the lungs and raise your energy levels. It evokes feelings of excitement and enthusiasm while promoting activating, which is why it’s perfect for an exercise or play room.


Yellow is the colour of happiness, helping stimulate and purify the body. It’s an excellent choice for a living room, bathroom, kitchen or dining room.


Blue is known to be a calming, soothing and relaxing colour. Many people claim that it helps lower blood pressure, soothes pain and rid the body of illness. This paint colour is often used in the bedroom and the bathroom.


Green is considered to be the most restful colour of all. It’s calming, relieves stress and is said to improve fertility. It’s mostly used for bedrooms, living rooms nad kitchens.


Indigo is a sophisticated colour that’s though to relieve skin ailments and evoke feelings or relaxation. It’s a great choice for bedrooms, office spaces and living rooms.

Paint colours have far more of an impact than you may think. By taking the time to make the perfect colour selection, you can ensure your home not long looks good but brings out the very best in you and your family.

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