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How Long Does Painting Brick Last?

Many homeowners don’t realize that the brick work of their home can be modified with a fresh coat of paint. Painting bricks is a time-consuming task and should always be done by a professional exterior painter for the best end result. Not sure what’s best for your home? Read on or get in touch with our team today for your free, no obligation estimate and consultation.

Staining vs. Painting Brick

Both staining and painting brick involve applying a coating that has a water base onto the surface of the brick. The coating solution contains a binder, pigment and chemicals to create its colour. Both staining and painting brick are relatively straightforward and have a significant impact on the appearance of your brick work. Regardless of whether you choose to paint your bricks or stain your bricks, we suggest contacting a professional exterior painting expert to get the job done properly.

While brick staining and painting provides a new colour on the wall, this approach produces a sturdy, protective layer between both the brick and the solution while preserving the natural texture of the brick itself. Brick painting covers the entire wall and all of its flaws while stain acts as a dye, preserving the brick’s original look while simply changing the colour.

Because brick stain allows the bricks to breathe better, it’s a healthier option for your bricks as a whole. If you use stain, the stain will seldom fade over time since it becomes a part of the brick rather than simply covering like paint does. Cleaning brick paint is usually always easier and less costly than cleaning raw bricks.

Because of the nature of painted brick, painted brick provides a protective layer for your home which can help to prevent mould growth and additional deterioration. Painting your bricks can help to restore a beautiful aesthetic to your home, even on the most outdated and unmaintained brickwork.

How Long Does Painting Brick Last?

Painting your bricks involves making a permanent choice as it becomes nearly impossible to return them to their original colour once they have been painted. Attempting to remove the paint from brick can be very expensive. As a general rule, your exterior bricks should be repainted every 3-5 years to keep them looking new.

How Long Does Brick Stain Last?

One of the biggest benefits of brick stain is its ability to last for up to 20 years. The quality of your original bricks as well as their current condition will impact the longevity of your brick stain. However, once you’ve had a high-quality brick stain applied, you’ll have a beautiful feature that can last a lifetime.

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