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How to Maintain an Interior Paint Job

The interior paint is as important as the exterior of the home or maybe even more. So you need to ensure that it lasts for a long time in its best condition, and you don’t have to come home to dirty walls with all kinds of spots and stains on them. So to protect the investment you made in a paint job for the interior of your home, you need to do a few things that we have mentioned below:

Check for Stains and Spots

Stains and spots will start to accumulate on your newly painted walls in the long run. Stains and marks coming from fingerprints, food smudges, and shoe scuffs, etc. can become very hard to remove if left untreated for the long term. Therefore, we suggest that you treat them as they occur and keep looking for the stains and spots that you missed.

You can especially check in high traffic areas for these stains and spots as more people in a place means more chances of getting spots on the wall. Places like kids’ bedrooms or where pets spend their time usually have different stains as well.

Once you locate a spot or stain, create a solution of water and baking soda, dab a microfiber cloth or sponge in it, and treat it. Wait for the area to dry and repeat the treatment if the spot doesn’t go away.

Frequently Dust your Walls

New paint or not, most of the homeowners do not really pay attention to dusting the walls. There are so many other things in a home needing attention like shelving units, TV, and couches, etc. that dusting walls can easily slip out of mind.

In order to keep the living space clean and your interior paint job as good as new, we suggest that you make a habit of dusting the wall at least once a week.

If there are some hard to reach places like the upper parts of the walls or some tricky corners, you can attach a microfiber cloth to an extension pole or a mop to increase your reach.

Wash Your Walls

Just dusting the walls won’t cut it, especially if you live in a windy area with dust flying around. You need to occasionally clean the walls as well. However, we won’t suggest you go for the commercial cleaning products as they can contain harsh chemicals.

You can get a pre-made solution and make your own cleaning agents. Just get some borax, warm water, and dishwashing liquid, mix them, and you will have your wall cleaner.

Wash the walls using a soft cloth dipped in the mixture after every few months. Just gently wipe the dust on the wall and immediately dry using a rag.

Mould Issues

Whether you have had a paint job done recently or a few years back, if your room is warm and humid, there is a high chance that these areas will see the growth of mould. So, to protect the integrity of walls and the appearance of paint, we suggest that you look for mould in such areas to deal with it right away.

There are also special paints formulated to keep mildew or mould at bay, but if you have already had your paint job, you will have to fight it. Just examine the severity and spread of mould in an area to assess its severity.

Use four parts water and one part bleach for the solution and then first check the bleach mixture on a small spot before applying it to the whole mould infested area. If the infestation is severe, we suggest you get it cleaned by a professional.

Dealing with Fading Paint

The best way to ensure your paint does not fade quickly is to invest in high quality paint beforehand. Sunlight is the major cause behind the fading of paint and can even affect the best quality of paints. However, it is not really a big problem inside the house, as there is limited sun exposure.

For places near windows where there is sunlight coming in on a daily basis, you can use curtains on the walls to block it. You can also put UV protectant films on windows to filter the light coming in.

Add Some Distance

People or furniture moving around the house can leave marks on the walls. The edges of furniture can ruin the paint by scraping it off. Also, people can unintentionally put their unclean hands on the wall area near their waistline because that’s where their hands rest.

So to avoid all of this, we suggest that you add bumpers to the wall near the waistline area of the size of an average person. This will protect the paint on the walls from both moving furniture and human traffic.

Final Words

A new paint job is not cheap, especially if you value quality. Therefore, it is on you to ensure that paint stays in its best condition for many years to come. And to do that, you need to take a few responsibilities on your shoulders that we have mentioned above. Take care of these things, and you will save tons of quid on getting new paint jobs every few years.

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