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How to Paint High Ceilings

Painting your ceiling by yourself could be a little bit awkward, especially when it has to do with high ceilings. This is because things can get extra challenging if you have awesomely tall ceilings. Even though it looks challenging, most do-it-yourself homeowners do not find this task challenging. Once they have the right tool and equipment, they start working.

Ceilings do not get painted all the time, thus it is essential to utilize ceiling paint for this task, as it is uniquely formulated for painting ceilings and will also help in making the entire job easier. Even though painting a ceiling does need planning and getting the right materials, it can be done without the help of a professional.

How do you paint tall ceilings?

Keeping Furniture Protected Before Painting

Before you start painting, you have to get the room prepared first. Move as many items as possible out of the room, and properly cover them with drop cloths. This will help in ensuring that your paint-splatter does not end up on your furniture or floor.

Equipment for Painting High Ceilings

Before you begin, you are going to need more than just a few brushes and a good standard roller. You need to first plan how you intend to get to the high ceiling. This may involve using a ladder, plank or a scaffold along with an applicator extension pole. So, how do you know the right equipment or approach to use?

Ladder & Scaffolding

What you need precisely is to determine how large your space is and how high the ceilings are. In certain rooms, a ladder is all you will need to be able to reach the ceiling’s edges when painting.
If you have an extremely spacious space, it could need scaffolding. In case you don’t already own these items, you can rent scaffolding and ladders from a hardware store.

Sprayer & Rollers

You might also want to think about buying a sprayer. This equipment helps in speeding up the painting in spacious rooms. But, sprayers can be costly, so it may not be an investment you would want to make just for a single job.
If you don’t fancy purchasing a sprayer, you can get a very long handle for the rollers. They are fairly buyer-friendly and would also allow you to apply paint on walls from a greater distance. It will help you properly paint spots that are difficult to reach from a ladder.

Painting Techniques

The technique you utilize for painting your ceiling will greatly depend on your height and how tall you are. For a ceiling that is 10 feet high, a roller with a long handle is just fine, especially for a less spacious room.
For anything between 10-18 feet tall, a ladder will certainly be needed. If the room is a little bit large, it may need scaffolding. This process may become challenging because you have to either rent or set up scaffolding, and it usually takes a long time. In this case, you should consider hiring professional and well-experienced painters.

If your ceiling is old or yellow, you should consider using a primer. It is used to coat the ceiling before applying new paint. In other to reach the tallest points of your ceiling, you can use a roller with a longer handle to apply the primer, which implies that you won’t have to climb too high on the ladder.

You have several options to select from when trying to paint high ceilings. The best option to use is determined by the kind of ceilings you intend painting, how large your room is, what your budget is, and the tools you need.

Paint High Ceilings with an Extension Pole and A Roller

Painting a high ceiling with a roller and an extension pole is the best technique for ceilings which are not too high. We recommend using rollers on ceilings which are not too big and are 10’ feet high or less.
This technique is slow and can be very tiring. If you intend to paint ceilings that are more than 10 feet tall, this method is definitely not for you.

Painting Tall Ceilings with Planks & Ladders

This option is best for 10-18′ feet ceilings. It involves setting up planks and ladders close to the ceiling. Carefully position two ladders at a distance beside each other and put a work plank crossing both ladders.

You would have to climb on the plank and make use of your rollers to paint. This method makes the use of rollers and brush easier. This technique works for all room sizes.
You can also make use of an extension tip and a sprayer, which would allow you to paint higher without having to climb too high.

Painting Tall Ceilings Without Painting Walls

A situation could arise where you would like to get your ceiling painted but not the walls. Usually, we would recommend against this, as getting your ceilings painted but not your walls are challenging, but sometimes it simply needs to be done.
If you want to paint your tall ceilings, but not your walls, you would need to run a strip of tape across the top of your walls appropriately and between the corners.
Once you have placed a strip of tape around the top of the whole room, attach a sheet of plastic to the tape. If you have a 9-foot ceiling, you would need a 9-foot plastic. Done with this? Start painting your ceiling.

Painting tall ceilings are not all that challenging. With the best tools and a little bit of knowledge, anyone can paint their ceiling. Ask a friend or family member for help. Even though he/she doesn’t actually join you in painting. They can assist in holding the ladder for added safety, retrieve tools or materials, and watch every step you make to ensure that you’re not stepping too far back on the scaffolding or plank. Always think of safety first when embarking on a do-it-yourself project.

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