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How To Properly Clean Dirty Walls

Many homeowners take pride in keeping their houses neat and tidy. After all, how doesnt want their home to look beautiful at all times? To accomplish this feat, you may clean your walls regularly – maybe even more frequently if you have kids running around on top of it all. But have you ever wondered if you’re actually cleaning your walls properly? Using the right technique is crucial to creating a healthier environment for your family. Read on to learn how you should clean your walls properly and safely.

Dust First

When cleaning walls, the bulk of the job consists of removing dust and dirt. Most of it can easily be taken off without a cleaning solution – all you need is a clean cloth and a broom. Simply put the cloth on a broom and use it to dust the walls. Later on, you can focus on getting rid of the more difficult grime buildup with a cleaning solution.

Keep Your Finish in Mind

Take a close look at the walls in your home and see if you an notice the difference between the finishes on the paint. There are some rooms that will have a more matte finish while others may seem shinier. Before cleaning anything, make sure you know what type of finish the area you’re working on has. Otherwise, you could accidentally remove paint in the process.

Use the Right Cleaning Solution

Some cleaning products may be too harsh to use on walls. That’s why it’s best to use warm water and dish soap. With a sponge and a bit of elbow grease, you can remove grime without taking off the paint as well.

If you have more stubborn stains such as red wine, hydrogen peroxide is the best bet. Pour some onto a clean cloth, press it onto the stain for about 5 minutes and wipe away. The stain should come right out.

Test the Area

When using any type of cleaning solution, always be sure to test it on a small, hidden area of your wall such as behind a painting or behind a piece of furniture. That way, you can ensure the solution won’t damage the paint or walls before applying it everywhere.

Think about safety

Grime and dirt can easily accumulate around light switch plates and outlet plates. Before cleaning them, make sure to turn off the breaker. Avoid using a lot of water on your sponge or rag to reduce the risk of electric shock.

Wash in Gentle Circular Motions

You don’t need to scrub aggressively to properly clean your walls. Instead, use small, gentle circular motions. To avoid bubbling and water marks on your walls, make sure your sponge or rag is damp and not soaking wet.

Do Regular Maintenance

It’s a good idea to deep clean your walls every now and then. However, you can keep your walls looking their very best with regular maintenance. For example, regularly dusting the walls, spot cleaning and focusing on high-traffic areas can help your home stay in top shape.

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