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Why You Should Paint Before Moving Into a New Home

Purchasing a new home is an exciting milestone to achieve, and it usually comes with excitement to move into your new home. Before you move in, there are a number of logistics to consider when you move from one home to another. Most people think that it’s best to move into the home and then paint because it’s one less headache to tackle before moving day, but painting your home before you move in is one of the best things you can do to make your new space look at feel like home right from day one.

There’s No Furniture To Move

Interior painting is much easier and faster when done on a new home. Painting a new home before you move in allows your painting contractor have room to work and move freely without having to navigate around furniture or other items. Properly prepping your new home for painting is crucial for protecting floors, fixtures and furnishings. If there’s no furniture in your home, there’s no need to move any of it, and there’s no risk of damage.

No Risk of Damage from Wet Paint

Painting your new home before you move in allows all your paint to completely dry before you move your belongings. If you pain your new home after your belongings are inside, you’ll likely want to put your belongings back where they belong as soon as possible. This can mean moving furniture into rooms that aren’t fully dry and potentially messing up the fresh coat of paint, or worse, damaging your furniture with wet paint.

Pre-Move-In Painting Saves Time and Money

Painting your new home’s interior prior to moving in can save you both time and money. Painting a new home means you won’t have to move furniture around, and your contractor won’t have to cover all of the furniture which cuts down on prep work time and saves you money. If your contractor is painting an empty home, it allows them to paint the entire home in one go rather than scheduling multiple appointments to do different rooms in your home.

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