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Pros and Cons of Accent Walls

Accent walls are a delight to the eyes. From striking designs to bold textures, an accent wall can make a beautiful addition to any space. That being said, not all spaces will benefit from an accent wall. Even though they may be beautiful, it doesn’t always make sense in certain rooms of your home’s interior.

If you’re currently deciding whether or not to incorporate an accent wall into your next interior painting project, here are some Pros and Cons of using an accent wall to aid you in making a final decision. If you’re still unsure, be sure to give our team a call for your free, no obligation consultation and estimate.


Boost Your Appeal

If you’re looking for a way to elevate the overall appeal of your space, adding an accent wall to the space is a great way to achieve that result. An accent wall can come in an endless number of designs and styles. With so many different possibilities, the creative process is virtually endless. Make sure you take the current colours of the space into consideration if you’re not planning to repaint the entire room so the end result will be cohesive.

Accent Walls Help Make A Room Look Larger

When accent walls are done properly, it can help to establish that much-needed depth in a space, making it seem larger than it really is. Your accent wall no only provides your room with a center piece where your eyes will automatically be drawn to, but it can also give off the illusion that the space is larger than it actually is. If you want your accent wall to help your space look larger, we recommend using a dark, dramatic paint colour to amplify the depth of that area, making it seem larger than it actually is.

Helps Build Dynamics

Accent walls add that extra level of personality and flavour into a room which can elevate it’s overall appeal since you’re no longer looking at four coloured walls. Additionally, having an accent wall in a room will help to create that perfect contract between the two different colours in your room.


Be Careful It Doesn’t Appear Random

When accent walls are done incorrectly, they can very easily look like they’re just been randomly placed into a room and make the room far less appealing. It’s easy to commit this mistake, especially without professional advice from an experienced painter. The colours, position type of design, lighting and many other factors impact how the accent wall will look when it’s finished. If you have any hesitations, be sure to consult a professional painting contractor first.

It can Divide a Room

When an accent wall is done incorrectly, it may not give off the enlarged appearance, but instead end up dividing the room because the accent wall is designed differently than the surrounding walls. It’s important to carefully plan out your accent wall to ensure it flows cohesively with the rest of the room before committing to the project and creating added costs to fix the mistake.

Your Room will Feel Busier

An accent wall tends to make a space look and feel busier, so if you’re intending to incorporate an accent wall into an already busy space, it might look more like a mashup of different textures and designs that isn’t overly appealing. Doing an accent wall still requires you to have an eye for detail, so if you’re doing it sporadically, chances are it will look random, dividing and make the space look busier. Not all rooms require an accent wall, especially one with an overwhelming amount of details and furnishing already in the space, so be sure to assess this before adding an accent wall to it.

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