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Selling Your Home? Increase Value With Fresh Paint

If you’re considering a new home purchase, chances are it’s contingent on selling your current home. It’s a not-so-well-kept secret that painting your house prior to putting it on the market is one of the easiest ways to boost the asking price.

Now is not the time to install those granite countertops or finish your basement. There’s a strong chance that the improvements you’ve been dreaming of won’t get your money back, let alone generate a positive return on the investment.

To get the best price you can without breaking the bank, grab a roller or hire a professional painter. Painting is the tried-and-true home improvement that always grabs attention. If your realtor is worth his salt, he’ll tell you the same…improving your home’s resale asking price may be as easy as sprucing it up with updated paint.

What Buyers Notice when Looking at Homes

Buyers will look at whatever they see first. Naturally, repainting your front door is a great place to start. Pay special attention to any areas that home buyers will see first.

On the front facade and anything that surrounds the front door, remove or repaint any peeling or flaking to help out with curb appeal and improve the overall first impression. Be sure to repair wood rot, nail holes or cracks.

Here’s a Pro  tip; choose an eggshell or a dull matte paint finish to take the focus off any flaws and imperfections, especially if you’re in direct sunlight.

Be mindful of what YOU see first when you walk up to or inside your house.  Ask friends or neighbors who aren’t over much to give their input.  A fresh set of eyes never hurts when you’re evaluating areas for improvement.

Go Neutral….Or Go Bold

Orange and yellow walls show bold color to try and help boost resale value for a new home. Some people just love deep, rich reds. Others may become turned off by it.

If you want to stand out and swing for the fences, go ahead and go bold. Just know that along with potentially making this a “perfect find” for the right buyer, you might be alienating a large portion of the market. A safer choice is a nice, neutral tan or beige. Safety first!

If the current paint is still in good condition, a light pressure wash might be all you need. It’ll brighten the exterior and create a welcome feel for your upcoming visitors. If your home exterior is purple or if your wallpaper was around when the Beetles were still together, now is the time to go for cream, beige or other neutral colors.

Most realtors even recommend repainting the entirety of your home’s interior in an off-white shade just to provide a clean slate for the new buyer. This advice is especially valid for high-end homes where the picky buyers will spend freely to “make it their own” after closing. It might not be your style, but the more neutral colors that are in your home’s color palette, the more possibilities a buyer will see.

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