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Should You Consider Wallpaper?

When you’re redecorating a room, many people have the option to use paint or wallpaper. Both are great choices, and wallpaper can be a great choice for people looking to add that bit of design to their walls and is capable of lasting many years. However, paint can be changed more easily and more frequently, so it tends to be a better options for those who prefer to update their rooms more frequently. We’ll outline some of the advantages and disadvantages to wallpaper versus paint.

Advantages of Wallpaper

One of the major advantages of using wallpaper in your home is that you’re able to choose from a wide range of different wallpaper designs and wallpaper patterns. Wallpaper is also available in different textures and capable of adding interest to any room it’s placed in. Wallpaper is highly durable and capable of lasting for many years. If you aren’t something who wants to change the look of your rooms often, wallpaper can be beneficial. As long as it’s applied professionally, wallpaper can last up to 10 years. It’s easy to clean and it can hide imperfections in your walls.

Disadvantages to Wallpaper

One of the biggest disadvantages to wallpaper is that it’s very difficult to remove. You should be prepared to keep wallpaper on your walls for a long time. Once the wallpaper has been applied and stuck to the walls, you will need to strip the walls to remove it. Most people opt to hire professionals to strip the walls due to the difficulty of removing wallpaper after it’s been applied.

Another disadvantage to wallpaper is that trends tend to change faster than wallpaper does. Your home can easily become dated when trends change before you’re ready to make a change to your home. If you opt to go with wallpaper in your home, it’s important to choose something that is timeless to avoid this problem.

Wallpaper may be very durable, but accidents to happen. If the wallpaper becomes torn, it’s not a simple repair process like paint and you’ll need to ensure you have some of the original wallpaper design on hand for this as it can be difficult to source from stores down the road.

Painting: The Best Alternative

While painting may not offer the same design choices out of the box as wallpaper can, there are a number of ways to get creative with paint. Painting is much easier and less expensive than wallpaper. If you need to do a touch-up with paint, it’s much easier to grab a brush or roller and the original paint you have leftover and touch up that one spot. Painting offers a wide range of choices for every room in your home, so you’re never limited in what you’re able to do. You can also use two colours to make a room seem larger or a different shape than it actually is.

Wallpaper can definitely be worth considering when you’re looking to change the look of a room in your home for the long term. It’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of wallpaper before your decide to start your project.

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