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Spray Painting vs. Brush & Roller Painting

Finding the right contractor for your painting project can be difficult. Some contractors provide their services using spray painting techniques, while others use a brush and roller. While they may seem similar on the surface, each has it’s advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation. Here are some of the major differences between brush painting your home and spray painting your home.

Brush Painting Allows Better Attention to Detail

When you have your home painted with a brush and roller, its far easier to see those areas that may need an extra coat to look their best. Plus, when a contractor spends that much time up close with your home, they tend to spot areas that need to be repaired before they cause more costly problems. While spray painting is an efficient method for covering the entire surface area of your home, the job is done from a distance, and the painters may not be able to notice as many of the small details that need extra attention as they would up close with a brush and roller.

Better Surface Adhesion

When it comes to any type of painting project, ensuring that your paint sticks to the surfaces you want them to becomes the most important aspect of the job. Getting the paint to adhere properly to the surface thats being painted means you won’t have to repaint an area you already painted. With brush and roller painting, you have a better chance of getting that adhesion in ways you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

Brush and Roller Uses Less Paint

Being economical with the amount of paint that is used for a project means saving money on how much paint you need to purchase. Finding a technique that uses the paint as efficiently as possible is critical. Using a brush and roller to paint the exterior of your home allows the painter to control the amount they’re using. With spray painting, you could be looking at as much as three times the amount of paint for the same job.

Spray Painting is Faster

While the entire point of hiring a painting contractor in Vancouver is to avoid the need to invest your labour in the process, it’s still always helpful to have the project completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. With a brush and roller, you may need to go over textured or uneven surfaces multiple times, but with spray painting, you’re able to tackle these areas in one go. Spray paint also eliminates those unsightly brush strokes, especially around the uneven parts of your home’s exterior.

Smooth, One-Coat Finishes

Spray painting provides homeowners with a smooth finish with just a single coat. Because spray painting applies the paint perfectly evenly, there’s rarely ever a need for a second coat with spray painting which helps to offset the fact that spray painting uses more paint in the first place by providing the best possible finish.

Spraying Gets Those Hard To Reach Places

When you use a brush and roller to paint your home, getting to those hard to reach places can be tricky. Getting a ladder or scaffolding will help, but you can still potentially sacrifice on coverage. Spray painting allows you to increase your overall reach without having to put yourself in tricky situations.

Spray painting and brush and roller painting both have their advantage and disadvantages and should both be used for different purposes. If you’re looking for the best painting technique for your home, give our team at ProRise a call and let us show you the difference than quality makes.

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