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Things to Consider when Hiring a Painting Company

Hiring a company for painting your home or office needs to be done right because it sets the foundation for the results you are going to get. If they are not professional, you might lose your money, time, and peace of mind and then again start from the beginning. However, don’t fret, we have created this guide just to help you vet any kind of painting company you are hiring and see if they are the one. So let’s get started:

1. Do They Have Insurance?

One thing that protects both you and the company working at your home is insurance. If the painting contractor doesn’t have an insurance policy in place, and if any of their crew members accidentally damage something while working, that damage is not likely to be paid for.

Therefore, it is imperative that you only work with the company that has a homeowner’s insurance policy, and having one also shows how professional and committed they are.

Also, check if the contractor has a workmen’s compensation policy that protects the workers while they are working on your property. This will also protect you from having any liability in case any accidents happen with any worker.

2. Is the Contractor Licensed?

Another crucial point that cannot be stressed enough is the license. Some painters may claim to have a permit, but you need to ask them about the category. There are different types of licenses, such as for residential, commercial, or just small jobs.

So you must ask them for the license according to the scope of work they will be doing for you. Having a license means they are professional and vetted; otherwise, you are always at a risk of not getting the kind of results you paid for.

3. Can They Provide Any References?

It is your right to know about the professionalism and capability of the company you are going to work with, and the best way to do so is by talking to their past customers. Ask them about a few of their recent clients’ contact info so you can reach out to them.

If the contractor balks while providing the references, there might be something fishy, and you might not want to work with such companies that don’t have people to vouch for their work.

If you get the references, then it’s the first sign that they are professionals, and you can confirm the rest by talking to their past clients.

4. Do They Provide Any Guarantee or Warranty?

Having some sort of leverage over someone you are paying upfront always helps you get the maximum bang for your buck.

So make sure to ask if they offer any kind of guarantee or warranty, the things it covers and the time period before it expires.

A company that offers warranty or guarantee doesn’t try to cut corners by using lower quality paint or hiring an inexperienced crew. They know the work they do can haunt them in the future, which is why they always do their level best.

5. Are They Certified by BBB?

Short for Better Business Bureau, BBB certified businesses always have an extra layer of credibility. This is because they are vetted by a platform that is made to safeguard the customers by providing info about the companies they are dealing with.

You can ask them for the link of their profile on the BBB platform and check what kind of ratings they have received. Look for a company that has A+ or at least an A rating on the platform as they are usually the cream of the crop.

6. What Materials and Techniques They Use?

You should also ask your contractor to specify the materials such as paint and primer they will be using. Get everything they say in writing to have leverage over them in case they don’t hold up to their promises.

Don’t go for the companies that use low-quality products because, in painting, everything has to be of supreme quality; otherwise, you will start to see the results in a few years.

Also, make sure to ask how they are going to execute the project and what kind of techniques they will use to repair current damage such as flaking, holes, rough edges, and mildew.

7. Are Their Employees Trained?

Another vital thing to pay attention to! You might get so busy in vetting the company that you forget to check its crew, that will actually be working inside your office or home. So it is critical to make sure that you can trust these people.

You need to make sure that all of the employees are certified and background checked with no criminal records.

Also, see if the contractor offers ongoing training for all of their employees, keeping them updated with the latest techniques and procedures.

8. Do They Have Online Credibility?

Last but not least, you also need to check for the online credibility of the company, and we are not talking about the BBB platform.

You need to see if they have a social media presence and what people are saying about them on places such as Facebook.

Also, read the reviews about them on their Google Business Profile to get an idea of the level of their service and professionalism.

Over to You:

So these are some of the fundamental but very important things that you need to ask any painting company you are thinking of hiring. Since you will be spending a lot of money on the makeover of your office or home, it is fair for you to do your due diligence to get the maximum value out of your investment.

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