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Tips For Painting Your Walls Black

Ready for a change? If you want to transform your home, you may be thinking about painting your walls black or a dark shade of grey. This interior design trend has become incredibly popular in recent years, making homes look modern and elegant. Even though black paint is a bold statement, it’s a classic color that complements many different types of furniture and decor. Before picking up your roller to make a drastic change to your space, here are some tips you should keep in mind.

Choose The Right Surface

The first task you’ll have to undertake is deciding which surfaces are going to be painted. You can choose areas like walls, trim or doors. Keep in mind that while black paint is sophisticated, it can make a room look dark and uninviting if you don’t select the right surfaces. Here are some interior painting ideas to consider:

  • Create an accent: An accent wall or ceiling can add depth and sophistication to your space.
  • Paint the tallest wall in the room: Does your room have a slanted ceiling or uneven walls? You can create a focal point by painting the tallest wall black. Painting other walls in a lighter colour will make your room feel brighter and more spacious.
  • Paint a Hallway or Powder Room: Black is a stunning colour choice for small powder rooms and hallways. Make sure you paint your baseboards and trim a white or cream colour to create contrast.

Pay Attention to Sheen

Once you’ve decided on the surfaces you want to pain black, make sure you select the right sheen. While matte paint may look the best to you, it’s important to remember that it’s not as durable as eggshell or satin backs. That said, it likely won’t work in a kitchen, child’s room or another high-traffic area.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Since black paint absorbs light, you want to make sure you’re painting an area that’s well-lit. Whether it be from natural light or proper light fixtures, it’s important to make sure that your room doesn’t feel constricted. If your room has windows you can use them to your advantage by placing a mirror on the opposing wall which helps to open up the space by creating more natural light.

Use Contrasting Decor Colours

You can make a room look more cohesive and inviting by incorporating contrasting decorative elements. For example, choosing decor, furniture and accents that blend and contrast with your space will make it feel cozier. Brighter throw pillows, a bold sofa, white picture frames and a coffee table in a contrasting hue will make your room feel lighter and airier.

If you want to paint your walls back, consider calling your local professional painters for help. They will help make your interior design visions come to life while delivering the flawless and long-lasting results you deserve.

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