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What Colour Should You Paint Your Interior Trim?

White is an excellent paint colour for most things, especially interior trim. It’s classy, crisp and makes your home look cleaner. However, it’s also an incredibly popular colour choice that’s found in 90% of homes. If you want to stand out from the rest and paint your interior trim a colour other than white, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn which shades you should consider and how they can introduce some contrast into a room without making an overwhelming statement.

Cream or Ivory

Ivory or cream-coloured trim paired with pure white walls is a beautiful combination. Even though they are all shades of white, the contrast can give your home a classic and timeless appearance. Best of all, these neutral colours are extremely versatile and pair well with several different colours and styles in home decor.

Grey or Greige

Grey or greige have become popular in recent years. They are a popular choice for interior trim because the neutral colours work well with many different styles without looking too bland. Plus, they help add a classy and elegant touch to almost any area. While grey trim is often paired with white walls, it’ll look great against a light grey wall as well.


If you want to make a bold statement, consider using black paint. It’ll make any space in your home look sophisticated, elegant and simply stunning. Black can create a very distinct frame in your room without clashing with anything. Make sure you use the right decor to keep the space looking well balanced. For example, black window trim and black molding can look very nice together. If you have dark walls already, you may want to avoid painting the interior trim black because it’ll make your room feel more constricting and uninviting.


This colour will work incredibly well in rooms that have white, green or blue as the dominant colour.

Rich Brown

If your walls are beige, tan, yellow, or olive green, painting your trim a rich brown colour may be the way to go for your colour scheme.

Before picking up a paint brush, check out these interior trim colour options. Choosing a colour other than white will help make your home look stylish and cozy.

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