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Why Paint Quality Matters

Like most products, good quality is often worth more than buying a cheaper version that will wear out more quickly. High quality paint comes with a higher price tag, but just like a good quality car or mattress, you get better performance and longevity as a result. When it comes to interior painting, you want to go with an option that is going to last. Here are some reasons why investing in higher quality paint is a must.


When you get a lower quality paint, it has less pigmentation than a high quality paint. Higher quality paints are often made with high quality pigments like titanium dioxide, while lower quality paints use clay and silica. Clay and silica will require many more coats of paint to cover the existing paint and hide any imperfections underneath which can increase your costs more than purchasing high quality paints in the first place. High quality paints generally require fewer coats, allowing you to get the job done faster with less paint.


Resins are used as binders in paints to make it stick to walls, make it more durable and add longevity to the paint job. High quality paints use better resins with smaller particles that seep into the walls more deeply. Resin is one of the more expensive aspects of paint which is one reason why cheap paint uses cheap resin, reducing the lifespan of your paint. Low quality resin can result in cracks, flakes and even pieces of paint peeling off the walls.


Solvents equates to thinner paint, which results in a poor application. Cheaper paint uses more solvents than high quality paints. As a rule of thumb, fewer solvents means a better overall appearance to the finished paint job.


Most high quality paints have primer mixed right into the paint. Primer is a first step that you need to do before you start painting. Primer adds a layer underneath your paint that helps cover the old paint and act as a base for the new paint. When you have primer and paint all in one, it cuts down on the time you’ll spend painting as well as overall cost. Cheap paints do not include primer and means you will have at least one extra coat to apply to the wall.

The Bottom Line

While initial price tags may make it appear like you’re spending more money for high quality paint, when you break it all down, it can actually work out to be cheaper. You won’t need to buy primer, you’ll need fewer coats of paint and it will last far longer than lower quality paint without the need for touchups and repaints as soon.

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